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We Make Remarkable Social Software

We Make Remarkable Social Software

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Circus Social Blog
Thoughts, Ideas, Musings and More

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We are trusted by leading brands.

  • Jenna Boller

    "I love working with the team at Circus Social because they go beyond just selling solutions and really try to get to know our clients' business and objectives. We brainstorm with the team and come up with something creative and ground breaking. They are great partners!"

    Jenna Boller, Head of Social@Ogilvy

  • Mary Tan, Digital Producer

    "The Cirus Social team was extremely easy to work with and incorporated all our suggestions. We were able to get a completely customized application to drive user activity on our page!"

    Mary Tan, Digital Producer, BBH

  • Rainbow Cheung, Director of Business Development

    "The Circus Social team delivered an amazing application to us in a great timeframe! They're eager to help us with tweaks and changes all the time to help the app perform better for us."

    Rainbow Cheung, Director of Business Development, Tinkle

  • Fazlina Marican, Communications & Community Affairs Manager

    "The Circus Social team delivered an amazing application to us in a short period of time! They're eager to help us with tweaks and changes to optimize the app so my clients get the best results!"

    Fazlina Marican, Communications & Community Affairs Manager, Microsoft

  • Soumik Chakraborty, Digital Marketing Manager

    "Circus Social help us set up a platform to understand our fans better and they did a great job with it! They involved us in every aspect of the app creation process and gave us a completely customized product - just as they'd promised."

    Soumik Chakraborty, Digital Marketing Manager, American Express

  • Sanchit Chokhani, Product Manager

    "Circus Social is always a great partner for social app development and consulting. Their can-do approach, willingness to innovate, and rapid turnaround are often instrumental in delivering the amazing social experiences that our client brands expect and count on."

    Sanchit Chokhani, Product Manager, ClubGecko

  • Prerna Pant, Director of Marketing & Communications

    "It's the kind of data that the application pulls about applicants that gives us an amazing insight on the best hires to make. Circus Social's ability to customize this application with such efficiency is a testament to their professionalism."

    Prerna Pant, Director of Marketing & Communications, Sofitel So Singapore

  • Zubair Mukadam, Digital Director

    "User interaction has skyrocketed. The app is the simple and gets the job done and Circus Social's support team is always available for quick and easy solutions."

    Zubair Mukadam, Digital Director, Redworks

  • Adrian M Odgers, Managing Director

    "Ogilvy RedWorks and Circus Social have formed a great partnership that drives innovative solutions for our clients. The work for the Navy Open House demonstrates our ability to create beautifully crafted work that places social at the center."

    Adrian M Odgers, Managing Director, RedWorks

  • EeRong Chong, Managing Director

    "It was fantastic working with Circus Social, they delivered top-notch support for vital campaigns for Guinness. Besides just customizing the apps and ensuring they ran smoothly, the team is one that is dedicated and provides really innovative solutions and support!"

    EeRong Chong, Managing Director, Ogilvy PR Worldwide

  • Nicole Ong, Account Director

    "Circus Social helped us build a solid Facebook application and took the initiative to value-add whenever they could. The team is wonderful to work with and their ability to turn quality work around so quickly is impressive. We're definitely looking to establish a longer-term partnership with Circus Social."

    Nicole Ong, Account Director, We Are Social

  • Freda Kwok, Principal Consultant

    "Thank you Circus Social for the great collaboration! The team is responsive, on the ball, and armed with the "can do" spirit. It's more fun and efficient when you get to work with like-minded individuals to produce good work!"

    Freda Kwok, Principal Consultant, Blugrapes

Recent Projects

We take pride in what we do. We don't built apps, we craft them. We've narrowed down social application development to an art, and here are our finest pieces of art so far.

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Social, Digital and Tech Solutions for Marketers, Brands and Companies

You need someone to take care of your tech, digital, social, content and advertising needs. Instead of working with a number of partners, work with just one - Circus Social.

Instead of focusing on your social presence, we focus on your online presence. We're experts in building digital experiences, and we say that after having built over 100+ campaigns for brands that span across 10+ markets in 7+ languages. We've worked with Coke, Nestle, Unilever, P&G and many other brands and helped bring their campaigns to life.

In addition to building campaigns and digital experiences, to offer a more complete solution - we also create brand monitoring dashboards and social CRM programs to enable digital marketers to better track, manage and generate ROI from their efforts.

With a team that has mastered the art of digital strategy that produces tangible results, our Online Presence and Engagement Solutions offering enables you to leverage our team and work with us to manage your online and social presence. We understand the importance of generating results from marketing - be it digital or traditional, and therefore approach our social media management services with the aim of achieving business goals that are defined by you.

Talk to us! Give us a call or drop us an e-mail, and we'd love to speak with you.


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