About Us

On the surface – Beta21 is a team of some very awesome individuals proficient in social media marketing, digital marketing and community management. We take pride in providing helpful, insightful and actionable content for people in the same industry as us to supercharge their next campaign or provide insight on pressing current matters.

But that\’s just the surface.

Deeper, Beta21 is about a lot more than that.

We\’re not about the \”5 Ways to Get More Followers\”, but we\’re about the \”Creative Strategies That Will Work For You\”. We scour the industry for compelling news, changes and content – then bring it to our workshop where we chop it up, analyze the little pieces and put it back together in a package that provides insights and take-aways for anyone and everyone involved in the digital marketing spectrum.

We take pride in being insightful and providing valuable, actionable take-aways for marketers in this ever-changing world. With the current state of online marketing, everything tends to be in \”beta\” mode. Things are changing too much, too soon, and it\’s only the smartest and fastest adapters in digital advertising who manage to stay afloat. We\’re the go-to source for getting information and insights for those very marketers to stay afloat.

We don\’t just report news and changes, we analyze it. We break it down. We bring meaning to it, we provide a point-of-view, and we tell you what to do with it.

And this is only possible due to a network of amazing people who bring all of this content to life, along with meaning and structure to what we\’re trying to do. We\’re happy to accept contributions from marketers and analysts who feel they can provide quality insights, so feel free to reach out to us. For our readers, this platform is for you. It\’s meant for you. If you don\’t like something, tell us. If you\’d like something new, something changed and something scrapped – reach out to us and let us know.

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Get Weekly Insights In Your Inbox!