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Avtar Ram Singh is the Chief Editor of Beta21 and an experienced social media and digital marketer. He helps other marketers get the most out of their social and digital presence. He's an EDM and Sci-Fi fan, and is often mistaken for Ryan Gosling.

Social Ads: Everything You Need to Know


Social advertising. That\’s been the buzzword for a while hasn\’t it? Well, it\’s been one of the buzzwords that we like to throw around. If you\’re a serious digital business (and who shouldn\’t be?) – you\’ve probably been talked to about social advertising, or if you\’re a digital/social agency, you\’ve probably discussed social advertising with your clients at some point in the last couple of months. The discourse began of course, once Facebook reach plummeted, and people realized the free ride was over. Sure, you\’ll still find a ton of influencers and social gurus beating their chests on the sidewalk ... Read More »

The Problem With Twitter: Marketers Don\’t Get It


Lately, there\’s been a lot of discussion around the fact that there\’s a problem with Twitter. Marketers believe that it\’s undergoing algorithm changes similar to what Facebook has implemented and that soon marketers won\’t enjoy Twitter the way they used to. Another common problem that they feel with Twitter is that it\’s crowded, and it\’s hard to be seen. Strategists aren\’t convinced that Twitter\’s ad platform is robust enough to allow them to get the right ROI or value from it, and on the whole – even though Twitter is a massive platform, it continues to fall behind the \”lure\” ... Read More »

5 Questions Marketers Just Can\’t Get Right in the SMQuiz


For those of you who haven\’t been under a rock for the last few weeks, you\’d know that the Social Marketer\’s Quiz has been going on in full force. And when we announced the launch of the quiz, we mentioned that one of the best things to come out of this quiz would be the insights. The ability to actually find out what marketers think is right, what\’s wrong, what works and what doesn\’t. In one of the Social Media Hangouts, we discussed that we\’d be talking about a couple of the insights that we\’ve generated from this quiz, and ... Read More »

Here\’s Why Most Internet Marketers Are Wrong


Andrew Harasewych is one of the most popular faces in the marketing world on Google+ and beyond, primarily because of his live hangout every Saturday at 9 PM EST where he strips for viewers, free of charge. Just kidding. Andrew\’s one of the smartest people in social marketing that I\’ve come across. What\’s he good at? Engagement? Facebook ads? G+ marketing? SEO? What\’s his speciality, you ask? The best part is – that as far as I\’m aware, he doesn\’t have a speciality. His speciality is basically being a no-nonsense marketer who knows a huge amount of every aspect of ... Read More »

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Feedback Form


Everyone has a feedback form on their website, but not a lot of them put enough thought behind one. Most of the feedback forms that I see on websites and Facebook pages tend to have very similar characteristics. Enter your name, e-mail address, message and also solve this CAPTCHA created by Satan himself. So how do you create the perfect feedback form? Or at least a really good one. It\’s an important factor of your website to pay attention to, given that this is where you\’ll be generating sales leads, answering questions, getting feedback, growing your network, getting requests, it\’s ... Read More »

5 Unusual Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs


It\’s incredibly hard to get hardcore data around the number of entrepreneurs in the world, but at the beginning of 2012 – the number was pegged to be around the 400 million mark. Two years later, I\’m positive that that number has dramatically increased. With hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs around the world kickstarting their business and trying to get things moving for them, digital media has become the number one source for them to execute their marketing campaigns on. It\’s cheaper, it\’s faster, it\’s easier and it\’s measurable. For entrepreneurs looking to save time and money on the products ... Read More »

Insights from the Top Scorers of the Social Marketer\’s Quiz


For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last two weeks, Circus Social\’s Social Marketer\’s Quiz has got the entire online marketing community buzzing. Spread over 10 rounds, the quiz asks marketers questions about how well they engage, how good their content marketing and SEO skills are, how ethical they are – and tons of other stuff. You have GOT to check it out. Over 1,300 marketers have taken the quiz so far! We caught up with two of the top 20 scorers in the quiz, Johanna Both and Allan Vazquez, to pick their brain ... Read More »

An Expert\’s Views on Effective Social Media Engagement


The debate about Facebook\’s organic reach drop is still in full swing. Many still believe that there is hope for some free marketing on Facebook, and continue to pump time and effort into creating effective content for their pages. A lot of marketers have either given up, or simply accepted that Facebook is \”pay to play\” – and have started allocating a larger budget for Facebook advertising. In my quest to find reason in this world of an ever changing social media landscape (yes, I\’m dramatic) – I stumbled upon the door of EdgeRank Checker\’s Chad Wittman, someone who\’s been ... Read More »

An Expert Explains the Importance of Analytics in Social Media Marketing


Most people believe that only four people in the entire history of humanity have had any sort of liking towards numbers, and one of them was Pythagoras. As marketers, we don\’t like numbers unless they say things like \”400 shares\” or \”800 comments\”. Those are numbers we can deal with. But each time a client asks us to give them a report on the CTR over the last month, the bounce rate on a particular landing page, we all start panicking. Spreadsheets in general, are something that Satan himself put on earth. All that said and done, there is nothing ... Read More »

Are You Any Good at Marketing?

Take the quiz and find out!

One of the trickiest questions you can ask a marketer is how good they are. The question makes them say bizarre things like, \”Oh, well. I got 19% ROI on the last campaign I ran.\” or \”I manage about 9.4% engagement on my Facebook page.\” – answers which might make a little bit of sense to those of us associated to the industry, but mean nothing to those not in it. Traditionally, marketers have been judged based on the campaigns they\’ve been associated with, or the creative ideas they\’ve come up with. In a world dominated by social media, it\’s ... Read More »

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