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Avtar Ram Singh is the Chief Editor of Beta21 and an experienced social media and digital marketer. He helps other marketers get the most out of their social and digital presence. He's an EDM and Sci-Fi fan, and is often mistaken for Ryan Gosling.

Here\’s What Every Minute on the Internet Looks Like


Yes, the internet is vast. Yes there\’s a lot of stuff happening on it all the time. When you throw 2.4 billion people on a single network – activity is to be expected. How much activity though? Last year, DOMO created a really nifty infographic showcasing what goes on every minute on the internet. And because they\’re such great guys, they decided to do one for this year as well. Here\’s the infographic! Once you\’re done pinning it to your social media board on Pinterest (3,472 will be pinned this very minute) or in real life, let\’s just take a ... Read More »

Optimizing Content in a Time of Zero Organic Reach


The talk of the town for the last couple of months has been Facebook\’s decision to slash the organic reach of brand pages down to about 3-5%. Some have managed to sustain a slightly higher level of organic reach, and most have complained of it being even lower. There\’s a strong belief that organic reach will be down to zero soon. In my mind – it\’s already at zero. The debate of how to get more organic reach is one that\’s null and pointless, elevating your reach from 1-2% to 4-5% after testing and optimizing over a period of weeks ... Read More »

Instagram Hits 200 Million Active Users – Here\’s What You Need to Know


Exponential growth is nothing new. With the advent of websites like Upworthy and BuzzFeed, it\’s pretty much become the norm these days. Regardless, Instagram\’s trajectory over the last six months seems to be… a little more than just exponential growth. In a release today, the Facebook owned company announced that they\’d hit 200 million active monthly users. If you remember, when Facebook first acquired Instagram – Zuck said that he\’d be happy if Instagram hit 100 million users – but now that number has been doubled. The best part for the company however, is that 50 million of these users, ... Read More »

Google+ Changes Link Share Layout With Larger Images


While many remain skeptical about the popularity or eventual success of Google+, I for one am quite happy with the experience Google+ provides. I\’m a part of some interesting communities where I often find interesting discussion taking place, and often it\’s a little more fun to go through my Google+ feed rather than my Twitter feed because it\’s a lot more visual. Today, I noticed that Google+ had taken a leaf out of Facebook\’s book, and had changed the way link-shares were being displayed. After sharing an article about Moz, I noticed that the image being shown in the share ... Read More »

A Lesson in Customer Service from Moz


Like every other social media / content strategist out there, I have Moz\’s blog in my RSS feed and I follow them on Twitter. They come up with some pretty nifty content all the time, and at least for me, are the most trustworthy source for SEO information out there. I\’ve always held them in high stead for being classy in whatever they do, and yesterday when the Moz site went down, my respect for them didn\’t fall and their image in my mind was not tarnished. If anything, I respect them a little more for how they handled the ... Read More »

The State of Community Management From An Expert\’s Perspective


From time to time, I like to pick the brain of a community manager or social media marketer and understand how they function and approach the various aspects of social media and content. Given how vast and diverse social media is, there are literally hundreds and thousands of opinions around community management and social floating around there, and it\’s important to identify the right people in order to get the right advice. My quest last week led me to Kristy Hughes, who encapsulates the very essence of what a community manager should aspire to be. A little bit about her, ... Read More »

The Opposite Day Interview With Steve Spicer!


January 25, in the lives of amazing people like you and me, has been reserved for \”Opposite Day\”. For those without common sense, here\’s an explanation of the day. You may or may have not seen Opposite Day being observed in the popular sitcom Seinfeld – so it\’s not something that the internet made up on a lazy Tuesday afternoon. For Opposite Day, I decided to get in touch with Steve Spicer, an all-round brilliant guy who has handled social media for some very high profile individuals such as Derren Brown and Peter Serafinowicz. He\’s a Social Media Marketing professional, who ... Read More »

Yet Another Newsfeed Algorithm Change – Now Post Links


In the final quarter of 2013, Facebook announced that Facebook pages would see a significant drop in their organic reach – leading to a massive uproar from the social media marketing community. Business Insider published a story talking about how Facebook had screwed an entire profession. Since then, marketers and social media professionals have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to combat this. In fact, we ourselves put together an article that would help marketers deal with this change. And just when the dust had began to settle and community managers were coming to terms with this new change, ... Read More »

The NFL\’s Television Strategy Would Suck on Social Media


America\’s National Football League is one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world. How popular? Let\’s just say that 34 out of 35 of fall\’s most watched TV shows in the US were NFL games. We\’re not kidding. The average game got 17.6 million viewers and 205 million Americans watched at least one game. The most watched NFL game drew 31.7 million viewers, involving the Raiders and the Cowboys. If that\’s not enough for you, you should know that the NFL\’s highest paid player Aaron Rodgers draws a salary of $43 million USD/year. If you\’re not an NFL ... Read More »

Social Superstar: Jessica Quinn


Are you the best social media manager in the world? If you\’re not on the top in this quiz, chances are that you\’re not. Circus Social, developer of social media tools for digital marketers, launched the Community Manager\’s Quiz in October 2013 with the intent of helping social media marketers realize how good they truly were at marketing. After answering 40 in-depth questions spread across functions such as Project Management, Ethics, Analytics and more – Jessica Quinn came out second from top, out of 650+ community managers that have taken the quiz so far. But what sets her apart from everyone ... Read More »

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