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I believe Content is king and dissect it so that you can separate the pretenders from the contenders. When I am not typing away to glory on, I quiz and make sense of financial statements.

The Cost Of Social Media : No Free Lunches

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 How many times have you heard that social media is the cheapest form of advertising there is? How many times have you seen companies hire interns fresh from college for social media marketing? That\’s not going to last for long. Social media\’s getting dearer and not in a way we like. This was stimulated in part by Facebook\’s decision to change its news feed algorithm to deliver more news. This was done to boost popular content but discourage marketers from reaching audiences via organic posts. These changes are concerned with the frequency and reach of the communication that Facebook  provides and marketers ... Read More »

The Golden Globes – Center Stage on Twitter

Tom Hanks

The 71st Golden Globe Awards showcased how twitter\’s taken over Hollywood. A night to remember, it was made even more special by outstanding coverage on Twitter with celebrities chirping away to glory and #GoldenGlobes trending. #GoldenGlobes saw an average of 3600 tweets per hour. It ranked in the top 10% of popular hashtags of all time with more than 28 million impressions. In total, Twitter saw 1.6 million tweets out of which 60.7% were retweets, with 436 pictures and links!   The timeline of tweeting showed that the maximum number of tweets happened after 12 p.m. and up to 3 a.m. immediately ... Read More »

The Most Memorable Ads of 2013


The world of television advertising is laced with high drama. Advertisers have to captivate audiences or all their hard work goes down the train with the flick of a remote control button. In 2013, several ads managed to hook audiences by narrating compelling stories that generated brand interest. Nielsen determined the most memorable advertisements aired between January and November in 2013 by taking the net memorability score which was the percentage of viewers who were able to remember the ad and correct brand for each top ad. They then indexed it against the mean score of all new ads during the ... Read More »

Chanel: Social Media\’s Luxury Star


Chanel’s been voted the luxury marketer of the year for 2013. The classy, elegant brand has always been a trendsetter when it came to selling itself right. From Marilyn Monroe’s declarations to the Little Black dress, Chanel’s always tried to do things differently. So what’s new this time around? Chanel’s spreading luxury and class in the domain of social media with its digital marketing that combines young enthusiasm with the brand’s stellar legacy. They have an impeccable strategy that positions itself cleverly across platforms, be it Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. It is therefore no surprise that Chanel ranks highest in ... Read More »

Stephen Colbert – Grinning to Social Media Success


\”If you\’re not careful your online past could destroy your offline future\” - Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert is an American comedian, television host and actor who hosts Comedy Central’s hit satire The Colbert Report. Mocking the news world has not just made Colbert a household name but also won him an Emmy and put him among Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. The Colbert Report has become an internet phenomenon with fans posting all over about it. It has millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook – making it one of the most successful television shows on social media. But ... Read More »

The Year That Was – The Top Social Media Campaigns of 2013


2013 has been an amazing year for social media. Platforms have taken off, trends have gone haywire and non profit organisations have taken to social media, new terms have been coined, old terms have been re-visited with Facebook changing their algorithm more times than Lady Gaga has caused an outcry. All said and done, 2013 has been a fantastic year for some social media campaigns – with fresh ideas rolling in and creativity vowing the digital spectrum. What did 2013 bring? Too much. But to capture what stood out the most, here’s a countdown of the social media campaigns that ... Read More »

The Walking Dead\’s Guide to Survival for Marketers


The Walking Dead is a Golden Globe winning American series that looks at a post-apocalyptic world where survivors battle flesh-eating zombies. Before you raise your eyebrows at the questionable taste of the 12 million people who tune into the show, here’s how it’s revolutionizing social television, marketing campaigns and exemplifying how to last in tough markets. The Walking dead’s social strategy to promote itself involves: Tugging at your emotions: They rerun episodes in black and white. It adds nostalgia, gets them eyeballs (the non-zombie kind) and gives them full marks for out of the box thinking. Why change what’s perfect? : They ... Read More »

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