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Christina is currently a key part of Cancer Research UK's Digital Production team. She also writes for and London newspaper; Fitzrovia News. Previously, she worked in Digital Advertising and Marketing for London agencies and as a Journalist for Bader TV News and Cultural Diplomacy News in Berlin.

Tools For Marketers To Improve Productivity And Creativity

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There are so many aspects to being a social and digital professional. We often analyze campaign results but how does it all get done in the first place? The answer – tools. Use them to share new ideas, create plans with your team or organize the structure of your campaign – there are endless tools for marketers to increase your productivity and effectiveness. Jira Most software developers or IT agile scrums will have a love for Jira for social and digital marketing campaigns. Jira works perfectly for those who operate in an agile way. The interface (albeit a little backdated) allows you ... Read More »

Content Marketing: The Importance of Audit and Lifecycles

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Content is what makes up your website – content IS your website. Therefore, you have to make sure that every single piece of content that exists on your site is useful. We\’ve already explored how ‘content is king’ and how you can make it work for you on social media, but, what if you are re-vamping your entire website or creating brand new website content? Where do you start with your content marketing strategy? The reason you need a content marketing strategy in the first place is because you want your content to be useful. If Information Architecture (the structure of your ... Read More »

The Importance of Social User Experience Design

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User experience design enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by making your campaign website or social site easier and more enjoyable to use. This design allows you to gauge how consumers will react to your social and digital marketing campaigns once they are live, followed by an analysis of their behaviors. These are main aspects of UX: Visual Design Visual design represents the aesthetics or look-and-feel of the front end of any user interface. Put simply; how your website looks. The purpose of visual design is to use visual elements like colours, images, and symbols to convey a message to its audience. The design ... Read More »

QUIT\’s Creative Vine Campaign For World No Tobacco Day

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Quit is a non-profit organization that aims to deter children from smoking so when faced with the challenge of creating a campaign for World No Tobacco Day they turned to M&C Saatchi Sydney. M&C Saatchi wanted to communicate the dangers to Quit’s young demographic in such a way that it would be ‘cool’ to share. Often, the challenge that most health marketers face when advertising the harm of cigarettes is that this young demographic actually like a danger factor in adverts and this can work well in other campaigns. Simplicity in Vine Videos A pro bono online video campaign using the ... Read More »

The Benefits Of Paired Content Writing


Does your web content appeal to users? Does your content generate any feedback? Quite often we can be so thought focused that we fail to ask our audience whether we are producing good content. Every day, copywriters, clients and editors publish content without much input from their stakeholders. This process can often be a waste of time. Wikipedia proves that using the web for collaboration enables people to create valuable content and it speeds the process up. We all know that content is an essential part of a website’s user experience. Without it, there’s nothing for users to consume. Working In Pairs One way to create ... Read More »

User Personas: Enhance Your Digital And Social Content


Developing user personas for your website will help you design a website or social campaign that resonates with visitors, encourages content sharing and makes content useful for your target audience. User personas are essentially fictitious characters that represent the various different types of people that visit your website. These representations should be based on qualitative and some quantitative user research and web analytics Benefits Of Personas Personas help to focus decisions surrounding site components by adding a layer of real-world consideration to the conversation. They make it easier to prioritize features and particular content by determining what the most important goal of your site ... Read More »

Agile Development In Digital Marketing And Social Campaigns


Agile development is one of the big buzzwords of the digital industry but what exactly does it mean? Put simply, agile development is a way of managing teams and projects in order to deliver work in an efficient way. Agile Manifesto The use of the word agile in this context derives from the agile manifesto, a better way to manage development projects. Here are 4 important values of agile: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan Cancer Research UK At Cancer Research UK, we have adopted agile. The ... Read More »

Prankvertising on Social Media


How do you make a social media audience share your video even if it is completely irrelevant to them and their interests? The answer: prankvertising. One agency to experience great success with is Thinkmodo, who specialise in viral video. The concept setting up a prank and filming it so it will go viral seems like a tricky concept. How do you pull off a prank? Well the answer, for Thinkmodo, was a full scale production. Cleverly organised and put together. More mini movie than a funny home video. One of their most successful videos to go viral was the Carrie in the ... Read More »

How 2013\’s Campaigns Will Inform Those of 2014


The Interactive Advertising Bureau studied the most successful digital campaigns of 2013 and rewarded the brands that did best at the IAB Mixx awards. To do so, the IAB asked a group of industry experts to help figure out just what it was that made such an impression on the people. So, how did social media help with the success of these campaigns? If we study this year’s campaigns from Axe, Toshiba and Coca-Cola, we come to understand that social media users are interested in campaigns that offer something beyond the product. AXE – MEN\’S FRAGRANCE The axe campaign of 2013 engaged ... Read More »

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