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Having lived all over the world, I carry a little bit of each place with me. This easy adaptation to change, helps me keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in the social networking space, blogosphere and more. An expert in social media tools and technologies, I have an excellent track record of creating and implementing successful social media programs. I love travelling, and visiting new places. I'm an author, an amateur photographer, keen observer and social butterfly.

What is Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?


Everybody is always looking for the next best thing in social media, to latch on to and Pinterest has caught the attention of several brands as the next best thing and owing to Uniqlo’s Gold Lion winning campaign, it’s now the best time to jump on to pinterest before this ship sails. Before jumping onto the Pinterest bandwagon, an organization needs to weigh the pros and cons to understand whether or not they are getting into this for all the right reasons. In previous articles, we have always talked about brands being where there audience is and because all social ... Read More »

5 Best Vines From Big Brands

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What makes Vine different from all the apps available out there? Does it have potential that other apps don’t? Does it change the face of video sharing in the digital space? Does it tell a better story than posts and tweets? I’m going to say the answer is Yes, Yes and a double Yes for the final question. With all the tried and tested formulas, it was time for the birth of a new frontier anyway and right on cue, as if on a silver platter Vine appeared before the ever hungry masses waiting for the next big thing. Brands ... Read More »

The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2014

5 best

Companies take to Facebook and other social networking platforms everyday, to run contests with the purpose of creating more engagement, generate more fans and increase loyalty amongst audience members for the brand. Some get it right and some fail miserably. Although we can fill volumes of books on botched social media experiments and failed campaigns, for now we’ll focus on some of the most innovative  and best social media campaigns of 2014! #MyNatGeoCoverShot With over 10 million fans on the Facebook page, Nat Geo India decided to promote their show CoverShot through a ‘My NatGeo Cover Shot’ contest on Facebook. ... Read More »

4 Ways To Maximise Your Social Media Content Strategy


Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon of social media. Businesses large or small, want to be where their audience is - online. But what does that really entail? Posting updates? Sharing links? Forcing your meaningless product on people? It’s neither of these and organizations need to realize this quickly. Besides the cost of a skilled team, it doesn\’t take a huge amount of money to do social media marketing. So when it’s nearly free then why not take advantage of the fact that everybody you need to buy or use your product is available in one place? Your message and content will determine the interest ... Read More »

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