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Jessica is known to be a powerhouse with a fresh cup of coffee in hand every morning, of course with a double shot of espresso. When she is not out building a brand and pumping up the social media sites or writing articles for Blue Soda Promo, you can find her in downtown Chicago catching a local show.

How To Build Customer Loyalty On Social Media


In the old days the only way companies would hear from their customers was usually through an irate phone call to customer service or by reading depositions in a lawsuit or worse a media quote. But today the social networking wall has broken down that invisible concrete barrier between customer and company. Wanna’ say something to billionaire Mark Cuban? Just Tweet him. I just chatted with the @mcuban. Can\’t prove it b/c msgs go away after read. Feel like CIA. Add me cyberdust ID: ProudDad3 — Jason (@Stablier) June 17, 2014 Now companies are scrambling to find ways to make ... Read More »

Which Is The Best Graphic Design Web App?

Best Graphic Web App-Banner

If you don’t have nearly $50 a month or $600 a year to spend on professional products Adobe produces, there are literally hundreds of graphic design web apps available out there for you to use. But which one? I took at look 3 of the most commonly used graphic design web app – PicMonkey, Canva and Sprites. A time limit of five minutes was used for each app because that’s all you’ll have time for when the boss rushes in and says \”Give me a blog post with a creative image\”. These three apps are rated according to these factors: Ease of use Functionality Usability ... Read More »

8 Stupidest Things That Social Media Managers Do


It was the tweet mocked around the world. If you\’re a social media manager and you don\’t know who Justine Sacco is, then listen up. Last December, Sacco, a former public relations executive from billion-dollar Internet conglomerate IAC, tweeted a tasteless joke. I say \’former\’ because it didn\’t take long for the global brand to fire Sacco after she used less than 140 characters on Twitter to offend an entire continent and a full 90% of the world that doesn\’t share her ethnicity with this infamous salvo: Sadly Sacco has joined the ranks of Jayson Blair and Janet Cooke as ... Read More »

Don\’t be Offended When I Tell You Why Everyone Is Unfollowing You


One of my favorite social media sites to not only use but also write about is Twitter; a great marketing medium for brands and people who know how to use it properly.  Twitter has also become a platform for engaging customers to receive feedback, positive or negative. Let me explain the \”know how to use it properly\” statement a little bit more; the reason I emphasized this was to simply put, yes, anyone can get a Twitter account but that does not mean everyone should post to Twitter, especially when it comes to your business. Businesses have taken course of all different strategies when it ... Read More »

How to Handle the Dislike Button of Online Reviews


As a business owner, there are few occurrences more unwelcome than the proliferation of negative online reviews. Bad online reviews are damaging to any business owner\’s ego, but they are hardly just matters of vanity. Because so many consumers use online review sites to inform their purchasing decisions, companies beset with bad reviews can face dire consequences. This can include drop-offs in sales, increases in refund requests and ultimately a plummeting bottom line. The good new is, there are ways in which companies can take the classy route to responding to negative reviews as also engage in damage control. Minimizing the effect ... Read More »

Jelly: The Instagram for Asking Questions


Jelly, a new app backed by a clump of sparkly celebrities) including Jack Dorsey, Al Gore and even Bono) is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame. Jelly, launched on January 7th of this year is a crowd-sourced service that has been bombarded with Twitter Followers, broken (mundane) news and earned the participation of the Facebook man himself, Mark Zuckerberg, who used it to determine if the spider found in his shower was deadly or not. Jelly may not be a new concept but it is a pretty one backed my famous people. The app is meant to act as a ... Read More »

Guest Blogging and SEO: Still Alive and Thriving


Before we take this article any further let\’s get a few facts straightened out first. Last week Matt Cutts, head of Google\’s Webspam Team, put out a post regarding why you shouldn\’t use guest posting to build links. Here is a quick snippet from the post: Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company. Back in the day, guest ... Read More »

How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions: Statistics and Trends


I realize that preaching about the importance of social media to businesses is pretty redundant. By now, buy-in to social media marketing is near ubiquitous, but I still have found that many companies struggle when quantifying the value they can achieve through the strategic use of social media. I may not have a silver bullet response to help everyone understand the actual quantitative value of social media marketing, but what I do have is incredibly compelling stats to give you a better understanding on how just important social platforms can be to your business. 1. 91% Of People Have Gone ... Read More »

Best Ways to Get Noticed on Google+ and Expand Your Influence


Let me put this as simply as I can for you, if you aren’t taking Google+ seriously yet, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity. Don’t believe me? Well let me tell you exactly why your business needs to jump on the Google+ bandwagon TODAY! It is becoming difficult to deny that Google+ is important as a social networking arena. Research suggests its well on its way to surpassing Facebook in terms of social sharing activity. It has a direct and significant impact on numerous other Google services, including search. Can you say SEO people?! Besides all of the measurements, ... Read More »

How A Small Company Like Buffer Mastered the Twitter Game


There is an increasing trend towards using social media management tools that allow marketers to search, track, and analyze conversation on the web about their brand or other topics of interest. This can be useful in PR management and campaign tracking, allowing the user to measure return on investment, competitor-auditing, and general public engagement. Tools range from free, basic applications to subscription-based, more in-depth tools. There are thousands of articles already there talking about Buffer features, but this article serves a different purpose. This article is not about all the features and all about how Buffer works but rather how ... Read More »

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