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Marian Dsouza is a digital marketing professional focused on content and social media marketing. He is currently a Webjournalist with Beta21 working on analyzing current social media trends to provide useful insights that can help brands improve their digital marketing strategies.

Hashtag Woes: Lessons From The Ice Challenge

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Hashtags – the little bookmarks of the internet are also one of the most exploited tools in social media campaigns. Brands use these all the time to promote themselves and get their campaigns trending. However, every once in a while, this strategy can backfire leading to really confusing situation for the brand as well as the brand\’s followers. We have picked one such incident where two very different social media campaigns used the exact same hashtag for promotion leading to an ocean of confused fans and of course a few hearty laughs. The hashtag in limelight for all the wrong ... Read More »

Measuring The ROI Of Social Media For Beginners


We often hear about tons of statistics both for and against Social Media Marketing. There are those that strongly advocate using social media for businesses and those that are adamant that social media is overrated. The argument has been raging on both the camps for quite some time now vastly owning to the fact that measuring the ROI of social media has not been made very clear. But, Pagemodo begs to differ. They have released an infographic that takes a look at the different opinions about the effectiveness of social media, some existing methods of measuring the ROI of social media ... Read More »

5 Best Twitter Campaigns From Big Brands


August 2007, and the Twitter account @MrMessina have played an important role in shaping the internet as we know it today. Yes I\’m talking about the very first use of hashtags on the internet. Ever since then, these tiny little markers of the internet have spread like wildfire across almost every single social platform and play a massive role in helping social media marketers to analyze and plan campaigns that go viral and begin trending instantly. After exploring 5 Best Vines and 5 Best Instagram campaigns, we decided to shift our focus on Twitter campaigns. This list explores some of ... Read More »

Kapost: An End to End Solution to Your Content Marketing Woes

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Company: Kapost Website: About: Kapost is a content marketing tool that helps brands grow revenue with their content. Kapost simplifies, the creation, distribution and analysis of content on a single platform giving content marketers an edge with their marketing efforts. Usage: Kapost allows marketing teams of all sizes to easily collaborate, manage and organize their content, marketing assets and campaigns in an efficient environment. Highlight: Kapost helps brands and businesses understand and learn what type of content best fits their needs through content score. The Content Scoring technology allows marketers to move prospects easily through the marketing funnel leading ... Read More »

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