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Michael Bird,Co-Founder and the Director of Digital Strategy at Social Garden, an Australian based Digital Marketing Agency specialising in social media community growth, content marketing and SEO. Mike is an Influencer in the digital media space and regularly blogs for major digital publications such as Social Media Today and many more.

7 Ways To Achieve Direct Response Marketing

Genius Direct Response Marketing

Online marketing can go in millions of different directions, but the one marketers seem to stick with the most is direct response marketing. This type of marketing inspires an immediate response from consumers. You might want more people to sign up for your e-newsletters, attend your webinars or simply buy something from you. With this type of marketing, you can easily judge the success of your efforts based on the level of response. There are two basic approaches to this type of marketing: the one-shot and the campaign. Both have the ability to deliver good results and drive up your ... Read More »

The Rise of High Quality Content Marketing


Several years ago, companies thought content marketing was a niche strategy that only applied to certain businesses. Really, why would a computer brand blog or why should a restaurant post photos on Instagram? While content marketing might be great for magazines, interior designers and other business that create, most businesses just don\’t have the time and energy for content marketing. But now, they\’re making time. The benefits of content marketing have taken off in the past year and business owners are paying attention. They\’re recognising how effective content marketing is at attracting new customers and qualified leads, and now they\’re ... Read More »

6 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Follower Base Like a Boss

Grow Instagram followers

Instagram’s edge over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is that it’s composed only of little square filtered images with no word limit for the caption. Many businesses would assume that this is the best social media app for posting their product images in order to promote them, but they’d be wrong. The hard sell tactic doesn’t work as well anymore, and it definitely doesn’t reflect well on social media. If you bombard your followers with promotions, you’ll end up with one less follower each hour. Read More »

A Strategy Director\’s Guide To A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Even if you’ve been working in the marketing industry for years, there’s still something intimidating about digital marketing. Online users are certainly a lot more fickle and their attention spans are shorter, compared to those whom you can market to face to face or through billboards or print ads. Read More »

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