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A marketing and research professional, Namita is a copywriter at heart and takes all things social very personally. As a Web Journalist for Beta21, Namita explores the latest social media tools available to marketers and provides insights on how to better cater to their fan following.

An Insight Into Coca Cola\’s Visual Branding Strategy


Coca Cola has been a synonym to \’Happiness and Sharing\’ for over a hundred years since it\’s conceptualization. From the year 1881 to the twentieth century, Coca Cola is one of the first brands that was truly global to the very meaning of the word. From its launch in America in the 18th Century, Coke managed to spread it\’s bottling plants all over the globe in a span of twenty years. Asa Candler, the man behind the marketing and distribution idea, the man who decided to \”bottle\” the drink for the first time, became an example for what marketing really ... Read More »

Leaf: An Amazing Tool To Analyze Twitter Profiles


WEBSITE: About: Leaf is a Chrome extension that allows you to access detailed and precise analytics from Twitter profiles that interests you – be it your followers, influencers, competitors or even just your own profile directly from the Twitter or Tweetdeck page. Users: From social media marketers to social bloggers, managers to researchers, smaller businesses, agencies or enterprises – there are no restrictions attached to the users of Leaf. Cost of Application: While you need to subscribe to Leaf to get an invitation for usage, Leaf is a still free tool. Yay! Twitter Profile Analysis Leaf by Anctu is one of its ... Read More »

The Most Effective Way to Read Articles Later with Pocket


So you have just come across this article but you\’re running late for a meeting. What should you do? Well, save it for later in your Pocket. Confused? Let me introduce to you yet another creation of social media which is known to be obsessed with making things easy for its users:  the Pocket app. Formerly known as literally – \’Read It Later\’, Pocket allows its users to save any link, video, photo into a convenient format to be viewed later. The Pocket App Website: What it really is: A \’read it later\’ app that allows you to save web ... Read More »

Everything on Social Media On Just One Page with Tagboard

Follow that Hashtag!

In case you haven\’t noticed already, we love the idea of running contests, and we think that amazing campaigns are the way to go forward in social. It\’s not enough for you create a cool video, it\’s not enough for you to create a nice infographic or a good piece of content. You must drive conversation. You must get people talking about your product. And one way to do that of course is to create a campaign, a contest, something that runs across networks. Heck, even if you don\’t do that – how do you know what people are saying ... Read More »

The Pinterest Time Saver – ViralTag


Creating a repository for your inspirations, your likes, your imaginations- an idea that inspired many is now a technology in the form of Pinterest. Surrounded by market leaders like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has created a niche for itself as the latest paradigm shift. Pinterest is like the visual bulletin board of the web. It helps its users create boards of distinguished categories, marked by capturing images which can be pinned or followed by other users of like interests, on their boards. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest got listed among the top 10 largest Social Networking site with over 11 ... Read More »

Find the Perfect Images for Social Media with Compfight


“I want to see a picture before I buy what you say” – I have and I am sure even you have said and heard these words before, being the buyer or a seller. Words have been ruling our expressions, but saying ‘IT’ with pictures is what we all do now. Yes! If we want to sell our blog post to our readers or a commercial ad, or a simple Facebook post, we take hours in finding and then link in a perfect picture usually from a search in the Google Images, ignoring the threat of trespassing by the owner. ... Read More »

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