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For better or for verse? Prose or prosaic? Karma or carnivore? Dosa or dolma? This black top or this other black top? These are FAQs I addle my brain with on a regular basis. My kind of legal high is bacon. I am passionate about writing but dislike the uber-pretentious Grammar Nazi.

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: HBO

hbo facebook strategy (1)

Yeah, Game of Thrones (GOT) belongs to the channel and yada yada yada, but, come on, would you believe it if I said that HBO’s official Facebook page had more likes (10,638,803 likes), than that of GOT (8,662,059 likes)? I mean, HOW? For the brand, of course, this is a happy case of win-win. Even so, it is interesting to note that the heavyweight channel’s official FB page has a dynamic that is quite different from those of its star, social media-driven shows- GOT and Girls. The page tries to be a reel-y nice reflection of reality, simply put. Does ... Read More »

Women On Top! Is Social Media Ruled by Women?


Women love socializing and talking more than men do (apparently). In fact, experts insist that the fairer sex prefers engaging in social networking to dating or spending time with a significant other. No surprise, then, that it has been found women use every major social media channel more than men. A recent study by Pew Research found that 76 percent of online US adult females use Facebook, compared to 66 percent for online males. A similar percentage was recorded when it came to Twitter (18 percent/17 percent), Instagram (20/17) and Pinterest (33/8) as well. LinkedIn is an exception, with a ... Read More »

How To Lose A Reader in 10 Days: The Bane of Teaser Headlines


A post about the ‘Collapse of the Brazil World Cup Stadium’ turned out to really be a piece on how a crane in the said stadium collapsed, leading to the death of two people. My heart goes out to the people and the crane. But, my heart doth not go out to the cheapster who concocted the headline merely to get clicks. I don’t mind jazzy, funny and even downright wacky headlines, don’t get me wrong. I draw the line at ‘wrong’ headlines, however. Unfortunately, this kind of misleading sensationalist headlines is all we, the citizens of cyberspace, are bombarded ... Read More »

Get Ready to Newsjack the Oscars

newsjacking oscars (2)

There’s no time like Oscar-time to newsjack! Sure, last year was a little embarrassing, with most brands doing it all wrong and tweeting inanities of all kind just to have in on the golden buzz. But, there’s no reason one shouldn’t feel optimistic this time around! After all, with one full year of practice behind them, brands are probably better geared to ride the Oscars wave to market their products. So, with the Academy Awards just a little more than a month away, if you are a social marketer, you’d do well to equip yourself with the right strategy to ... Read More »

No Teens, No Cry! Is Facebook Dying?


Facebook was the coolest thing ever until the enemy – the army of the dreaded parent folk – permeated it. This was the conclusion of a survey done in the later part of 2013. ‘My-only-Facebook-friend-is-my-grandma’ jokes started doing their rounds. Everyone and their cousin began heralding the death of Facebook. Just as they’ve been doing since, what, 2007? Every year, there will come a headline-crashing report about Facebook’s popularity declining, dying, waning… but, just like ‘fetch’ never happened, Facebook fatigue never happened either. If anything, the social media giant just continued to grow, into the seemingly untameable Goliath it is ... Read More »

Are your Employees your Best Social Media Marketers?

employees your best brand advocates

In this digital age of chronic information ODs and super-aggressive marketing, customers are often left reeling. Where do they look, what do they buy, how do they choose? There’s just too much going on and everything is literally shoved in their faces, through various channels and outlets. In such a scenario, how can you make your product stand out? Well, I think it can be as easy as giving your brand a simple human touch. Thanks to social media, your employees are literally your best brand advocates. Come as they do with their multiple social connections, they can be your ... Read More »

JustIn Time to Ride the Marketing Wave: Bieber and Social Media


I am not given to chronic bouts of weeping and shrieking whenever the two magic words – Justin Bieber – are uttered in my presence. I am 26, for Chrissake. But, if the hormones and vocal chords of my teenaged niece and her global band of Beliebers have been on overdrive since 2008 – the year the pop star was ‘accidentally discovered’ on YouTube- he obviously must be doing something right. I won’t comment on his vocal prowess- to each his own – but, there’s no denying that the 19-year-old Canadian superstar is one savvy businessman. A tech savvy businessman. ... Read More »

The Perry Recipe for Success: Katy Perry\’s Rise to the Top of the Social Media Charts


Okay, stab me if you must, but you’ve got to admit Katy Perry isn’t one of the most popular people in the world, because of her spell-binding vocal ability. Sure, she can hold a tune better than Britney Spears, but then, that is hardly saying anything (go on, stab me again). So, why/how does everyone know her, let alone, love her? Three words. Or networks. Facebook (6,18,56,655 likes). Twitter (49,210,515 followers). Instagram (31,80,328 followers). Put together, they’ve made this Internet-incubated artiste a Roaring (the song, till date, has been viewed 308,011,579 times on YouTube) hit. One who has surpassed the ... Read More »

The Many Tunes of Social Media: Marketing Lessons From Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles!

No one was expecting it. There was no buzz. No drum rolls. No plug-gy interviews. Just one word- ‘Surprise!’ And, a teensy video. But, Queen Bey knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to give traditional marketing the cold shoulder to announce the release of her latest album Beyonce- on Instagram. Did the tactic work? Sure. In just a few short days after the album’s iTunes-only release, Beyonce Knowles had already sold over a million copies of the digital 14-song/17-video package. Within twelve hours, the album was mentioned around 1.2 million times (beating terrible cult film Sharknado’s record ... Read More »

GIF Me a Piece of Social Media!


GIFs are the Internet’s latest, most animated love affair. Not that they are anything new… they’ve been around as long as any 26-year-old. But, since 2012, there has been a massive resurgence in the use of these super-addictive animated images. Fast forward to 2013, several milestones were crossed, in regard to their presence in the social media stratosphere. With the soaring popularity of sites such as BuzzFeed and Tumblr, which rely heavily on their use, animated GIFs have stormed the Internet! More importantly, just a few months ago, Facebook and Twitter started allowing its users to share GIFs, after years ... Read More »

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