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For better or for verse? Prose or prosaic? Karma or carnivore? Dosa or dolma? This black top or this other black top? These are FAQs I addle my brain with on a regular basis. My kind of legal high is bacon. I am passionate about writing but dislike the uber-pretentious Grammar Nazi.

Life of Pie: PewDiePie\’s Reign Over YouTube


He has been accused of having the IQ of a goldfish, going off on inane rants, trivialising the very serious business of video games, conversing with inanimate objects and being prone to moronic ‘psycho babble’. Yet, he is the biggest thing on YouTube. How big? Well, big enough to be a lot bigger than Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The year 2013 has been sensational for vlogger and video game commentator- Felix Kjellberg, whose channel on YouTube became the most subscribed to channel of all time, in August this year. Reports state that the 24-year-old’s channel (which ... Read More »

BuzzFeed\’s Marketing Strategy, Decoded: Rules of the List Maker


Move over shopaholics, alcoholics and cupcake fanatics. The hottest addiction of 2013 is, without doubt, BuzzFeed. Some believe it is the best pastime ever. Others dismiss it is a trashy content thief. And, if you happen to have never heard of BuzzFeed, you probably don\’t spend enough time mindlessly surfing the net. Because, apart from featuring cerebral, life-altering content such as, “10 Things Ryan Gosling Did In 2013 That Are 5 Billion Times More Interesting/Hotter Than Adam Levine’s Entire Life,” you should know that the website registered 130 million unique visitors in November this year. The social news biggie, which ... Read More »

Imgur Imprints on the Internet!


A picture is worth a thousand words. Or, in Imgur’s case- $1,406,755,200… which is how much it was worth as of December 5, 2013, as reported by Worth of Web. Imgur 101 Like any good entrepreneurial story, Imgur’s too was birthed in a university dorm room, when ardent Redditor and Ohio University student- Alan Schaaf, decided that the Internet was lacking in something pretty massive. In his own famous words, “An image hosting service that doesn’t suck.” So, he went about creating a platform that addressed exactly this issue… mainly to benefit Reddit users. So, what is Imgur? It is to images what YouTube is ... Read More »

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