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5 Effective Tools For Community Managers


What Does A Community Manager Do? In an agency, as we all know, there is a client servicing team (always coordinating, and almost always on phone calls), a creative team (busy thinkers of ideas), designers (carefree and yet sometimes overworked), and then there is the social media team. Usually, the most over-worked and with almost-constant stress on their face as the community managers. It’s not easy to do community management. This job requires a combination of skills such as: Identifying amazing content that would work the best for your social communities Making sure that you meet all the brand guidelines ... Read More »

A Marketer\’s Introduction to WeChat

An Introduction To WeChat

Tencent’s Weixin, internationally popular as WeChat, is the upcoming mobile messaging app. WeChat was launched in January 2011 and has its largest market in China and is steadily expanding in Asia – Malaysia, Thailand, India and Hong Kong. For those who haven’t had a rendezvous with WeChat yet some consumers would call it a combination of Whatsapp, LINE and Viber. In simple words – the app (like many others) can be used to send free instant message, voice, videos, stickers and more. Being originally a Chinese app, they have reached a customer base of 600 million users. And, if you ... Read More »

A Marketer\’s Introduction to LINE

LINE app

If LINE was a person then he/she would be cute and expressive (with stickers), smart (with the app design), simple (with features), good communication skills (with chats, voice calls and video calls), popular (with Professional accounts) and a great buddy to have (native mobile app). No wonder, it got 100 million friends in 19 months. It took Facebook 54 months and twitter in 49 months to respectively to reach that milestone! (Check out their counter for 100 million fans.) LINE has moved the market with its tremendous growth in countries outside Japan, especially Spain, and is now looking to capture ... Read More »

GE: The Most Exciting Boring Brand on Social Media

General Electronic's account on Pinterest - Badass Machines

The brand you get to do social media for, is not always your choice. Some of you are lucky to get interesting fashion or lifestyle brands, whereas there are others who have to strategise for \’boring\’ brands like financial or consultancy brands. One of the many woes of a community manager is to come up with interesting content for a not-so-exciting brand. And, this can be a task. However, General Electronics (GE) teaches us how to make a \’boring\’ brand an interesting social media maverick. GE is into highly regulated businesses like healthcare, energy and financial services. GE\’s success across social media platforms ... Read More »

Adidas Has Mastered the Art of Live Tweeting

adidasuk tweet about f50 shoe product

Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in social media marketing. Some of the most creative campaigns are twitter campaigns. It is quite interesting to see how brands have adapted to twitter to generate brand awareness and online buzz about their products or services. One of the most interesting twitter strategy has been followed by @AdidasUK, which appears to have mastered the art of Live tweeting. @AdidasUK tweets about Live football events, as they unfold on the field. If a player scores a goal wearing an Adidas shoe or product, then it turns into an instant tweet with a ... Read More »

Social Media Predictions for 2014

Social media predictions for the next year - 2014

2013 was a year of acquisitions, IPOs, new platforms, video content and Google Plus. We witnessed big brands being taken over by bigger brands, like Tumblr got acquired by Yahoo! Twitter introduced Vine in Jan and released its first IPO as well towards the end of the year that did surprisingly well.  We saw the rise of YouTube, Vine and Instagram videos in social media marketing. 2013 was an exciting year for us and what’s more, 2014 is going to be a game-changer in social media marketing. It\’s better to have an idea of where we\’re headed to be able to ... Read More »

The Future of Social is Video

Video content has better shareable and shelf value than images and status updates, video content is the future of social media

48 hrs is the average life of a tweet – GaggleAMP 75% of engagement on a Facebook post occurs within the first five hours – Wisemetrics Shocking? As community managers we put in a lot of effort in creating our strategic content plan to schedule Facebook posts, tweets and share information on other social media platforms. We invest time and energy in getting images designed to be shared on these platforms as well, since they are received well with a lot of enthusiasm on social media. However, it can be noticed that there are a lot of video platforms that ... Read More »

What\’s the Perfect Post Length Across Social Media Networks?


Social media is all about having a conversation. As social media executives or community managers we try various combinations to get the perfect post for maximum engagement. The brands we manage have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (among others like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more). Each of these platforms cater to a slightly different audience, and so the composition of these posts also varies accordingly. The length of the post is one of the primary factors that determines whether your Fan or Follower, who has been overloaded with updates from various Facebook Pages and Friends, will be willing to ... Read More »

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