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Shahini Shairah is the Editor of BetaTwentyOne. She's a social media marketing and communications professional and currently works with Circus Social. She's addicted to TweetDeck and allergic to bad content and excessive hashtags. Her weekend adventures consist of great food, and even better cinema.

10 Twitter Tips For Community Managers

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Skeptics have been predicting the decline of Twitter for a long time now but recent news have just proven otherwise. Twitter users have grown by 16 million in the second quarter, so marketers, hold your horses – don\’t get off the Twitter bandwagon just yet. We\’ve put together a list of 10 Twitter tips for community managers to stay ahead of your Twitter game and here\’s a few that you should pay special attention to: Creating Twitter Lists We can\’t stress this enough – Twitter lists are a great way for marketers to keep abreast of updates related to you industry. ... Read More »

10 Essential LinkedIn Tips For Community Managers

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LinkedIn is often seen as a professional platform to solely increase connections to build your own personal network. Contrary to that, it\’s as much of a community-building platform as Google+ or Facebook, and that\’s why we\’ve got 10 LinkedIn tips laid out for you. For professionals that have invested more into this platform, you would find them actively engaging in activity on the news feeds as well as in Interest groups. When it boils down to community management on LinkedIn, these are a few key areas to be taken note of: Increase Your Connections For The Right Reasons LinkedIn is ... Read More »

10 Google+ Tips For Community Managers

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While Google+ has an upcoming 3rd birthday around the corner, there has been some speculation of Google shifting their focus away from the social media platform. Despite naysayers predicting an eventual doom for the social media platform, there are over 300 million active users worldwide who frequent the platform. Before we plunge into our 10 Google+ tips for community managers, here are 4 of the most basic yet important factors of Google+ that you should take note of: Achieving Reach on Google+ The more active your brand is, the higher your articles will rank in Google SERPs. Google authorship used to ... Read More »

10 Facebook Tips For Community Managers

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Marketers worldwide have been crying foul about the sudden drop in organic reach on Facebook. As if marketers didn\’t already enough problems, organic reach has become yet another issue to worry about. Before we share with your 10 tips that we\’ve got for managing a Facebook page, here are 5 issues that marketers should be paying attention to on Facebook. Facebook Reach One of the most important things that we should be doing is to succumb to Facebook advertising because at the end of they day, a substantial reach is what we need and 2% organic reach just isn\’t going ... Read More »

Pinterest: Places To Watch The World Cup


The World Cup has hit soccer fans really hard over the past week with all the flooding on social media, some sharing their rants and congratulatory posts and tweets. Thousands of brands all over the world have been trying to capitalize on this world sporting event and even social media giant Pinterest has joined in. They launched a social campaign “Places To Watch The World Cup” last month prior to the event and encouraged their community to share worldwide locations of the best places to catch the matches. Be it restaurants, cafes or bars, any location that provided coverage on ... Read More »

Our Content Marketing Conundrum

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The importance of content marketing is a topic that has been discussed time and time again by marketers and brands. It is a challenging and time-consuming process that that requires planning, research, producing, curating and publishing – ideally done by a team of content marketers. JBH marketing recently released an infographic on content marketing in the United Kingdom based on research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute. The research highlighted a severe lack of importance placed on content marketing in terms of allocation of budget, developing a solid content strategy and most importantly, delegating content marketing to a team ... Read More »

7 Of The Best Mobile Web Designs


On average, we spend 3.3 hours on our phone each day. Exact Target released their 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report recently and shared their findings on consumer’s mobile usage patterns. While it is a known fact that a lot of users are increasingly consuming online and social content through mobile devices, some of the statistics have revealed that brands have not begun altering their mobile features to suit the needs of these consumers. 54% of those surveyed said mobile-optimized websites don’t provide enough information. 37% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a mobile optimized website and 48% of people spend ... Read More »

6 Myths Of Social Sharing Answered

6 Myths

In a previous post by Divya Ramesan on developing a content strategy for your brand, she discussed timeliness and location as important factors that determine the success of your strategy. Most digital marketers and social media managers schedule their posts according periods that bring about the highest engagement from their audience using social software – which is a perfectly accurate means to determine when to send our your updates. Marketers are also choosing a select group of platforms where the majority of their audience is active on to gain the reach and traction they are looking for. If you are ... Read More »

5 Best Quotes From Social Matters Singapore 2014

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Social Matters was a 2-day event under All That Matters, the only event in Asia that connects businesses and fans at one location. If you missed our previous article from Digital Matters, read it here. The issues and trends raised by the speakers during the discussion panels at Social Matters heavily revolved around a lack of conversation and engagement with audiences on social media. Marketers have been to focused on pushing out content to their audiences on Facebook or Twitter, rather than using these social platforms to converse with their audience. Here are 5 of best pointers from Social Matters: Focus More On ... Read More »

What You Missed At Digital Matters Singapore 2014

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Dubbed as the only Business2Business2Fan event in Asia, All That Matters covered a range of Music, Digital, Social and Sponsorship Matters conferences in Singapore from the 20th to 25th May 2014. Beta21 had the opportunity of covering Social and Digital Matters, where esteemed speakers from various industries participated in discussions and gave talks to share their views on trends and issues in social media and digital marketing. If you missed out on two days of Digital Matters, fret not –  we’ve got you covered. We picked out a handful of topics that stood out from the convention: YouTube: A Dominating ... Read More »

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