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Shahini Shairah is the Editor of BetaTwentyOne. She's a social media marketing and communications professional and currently works with Circus Social. She's addicted to TweetDeck and allergic to bad content and excessive hashtags. Her weekend adventures consist of great food, and even better cinema.

A Community Manager\’s Guide To


The first few adjectives that came to my mind when I was doing my research on Ally Greer by scouring through all her social media platforms (a.k.a stalking her) were feisty, positive and funny. Let’s not forget of course her superb skills at being a community manager for That’s the reason we desperately wanted to squeeze out some secrets about community management from her. Ally currently holds the title of being the first and only community manager for and is based in sunny San Francisco. Over the past two years, she has been able to master the tricks ... Read More »

Keywords That Get Content Shared On Social Media


The two most important things in content marketing are words (duh!) and visuals. A marriage made in heaven between these two items would surely get you the attention and virality that you’re looking for. But what keywords should you be using to attain the much anticipated traction for your articles? This infographic created by Quick Sprout sifts through the top keywords and phrases that you should be using on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to capture the attention of your audience. The Best Words To Share On Facebook Sure, common terms like “Deals” and “Discounts” are probably the first few ... Read More »

5 Essential Twitter Tips from Twitter (Yeah!) For Small-Medium Businesses


The initial stages of starting up a business are often the hardest. There are several issues to consider in terms of marketing and budgeting. The most important one being the process of creating and maintaining your brand’s awareness level. How should you get noticed amongst your target audience in the most cost-effective way? Creating brand awareness through advertising and publicity can surely come easy but the awareness generated may not be sustainable in the long-term. Also, publicity in this sense does not come cheap at all. Social media has made it so much easier engage with your target audience, which is ... Read More »

A User\’s Guide to Keeping Track of Facebook Page Updates


The entire realm of social media marketing has been buzzing about the significant drop in organic Facebook post views. The social media giant rolled out a new algorithm late last year, which has resulted in a significant decrease in post views for many Facebook pages. We’ve touched on this issue before here and since then, the numbers have continued to dwindle. The competitiveness of what goes into a user’s newsfeed is partially to blame with the continual bombardment of content from every direction. Thus the number and type of posts seen on one’s newsfeed would have to be tapered down. ... Read More »

Here\’s How Cancer Research UK Raised £8 Million Using Selfies

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.41.45 AM

Over the past two weeks, Cancer Research United Kingdom (CRUK) raised over £8 million from the viral spread of barefaced ‘selfies’ on social media. The intriguing part of this campaign is that CRUK was no way involved in creating this social movement. So how did the British, Canadians, Americans and tons of other people around the world get involved in this (almost) global movement? Some have speculated it was just pure luck that CRUK was linked to these barefaced selfies of women that were floating around the Internet. Frankly, even CRUK themselves have no inkling on who began it but ... Read More »

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