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Shruti Suresh is a digital marketing professional focused on content and social media marketing. She is currently a Webjournalist with Beta21 working on analyzing current social media trends to provide useful insights that can assist in improving digital marketing strategies.

Dissecting Google Plus with Andrew Harasewych


After Avtar’s encounter with Andrew to get his thoughts on Why Most Internet Marketer’s Are Wrong, I thought I’d track down the Google Plus Guru to get some great tips on G+ strategies. It was quite difficult nabbing him this time on the countryside of WWW. Nevertheless, here’s proof there nobody can hide from Beta21. For those of you who are new to the digital arena, Andrew Harasewych is one of the top social media marketers who specializes in almost every area of online marketing. He’s a genuine know-it-all, who loves to share his knowledge and experience with the world. ... Read More »

Video Marketing: An Effective Strategy For Non-Profits


How many non-profits do you ‘like’ or ‘follow’ on social media? Have their content marketing strategies caught your attention? Do you think your strategy is effective enough move your fans? At the heart of all successful content marketing strategies lie well-told brand stories. There are different strategies like pictures, images, text ads and more that serve their own benefits in selling an idea, product or service. However, not all these methods fair well in marketing non-profit businesses. Brands always find a way to sell as they appeal to demand and necessity. A non-profit organization on the other hand exists solely ... Read More »

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: Dreyer\’s Singapore


Success of a brand page on Facebook is all about proportion, engagement, genre and strategy. We have already dissected the content strategies of XBOX and Intel on Beta21. The two brands are from different genres and have different target audiences. However, both content strategies address a wider consumer net to build brand equity. Let\’s take a look today at an F&B company\’s content strategy, more specifically, Dreyer\’s Singapore – a page that we really love! It may not have half a million fans and be covered on Mashable every 25 days, but it\’s definitely good enough for Beta21 to talk ... Read More »

Resolution 2014 : Say No To Content Curation


The harlem shake, devil baby and Miley Cyrus all have something in common that increases shares to millions and rise in ranks on the top trending list of topics. They have original ideas that capture the attention of audiences worldwide. There have been a lot of reports that emphasize on the importance of originality and quality of content used for marketing. Instead of redundantly sharing someone else\’s content, 2014 is a year for all marketers to make a resolution: “Use original content\”. Sure – it\’s a good idea to curate interesting content from around the internet and then package in ... Read More »

Social Media Statistics to Drive Engagement in 2014

Social Newton

2013 has been a year of success for almost all social networks. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram taking the lead in various ways, there is much to learn from the developments of the past year to reform your 2014 social media strategies. Here are some awesome social media statistics that can help you gain the best out of your marketing campaigns. 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites Nearly 60% of world population is tech-savvy and mobile. Since social media is the No.1 web activity on the Internet, it is not surprising that most of them ... Read More »

Integrating 2013\’s Top Trending Searches into Your Social Media Strategy

Leverage Google’s Top Trending Searches to Climb the Social Media Success Ladder

We all search for something on the Internet every day. According to Net Applications, nearly 87% of smartphones/tablets and 77% of desktops primarily search on Google. With thousands of topics trending each day, Google releases a global top ten trending searches list every year. The 2013 Year-End Zeitgeist from Google with the top ten globally trending searches includes: Nelson Mandela Paul Walker iPhone 5s Cory Monteith Harlem Shake Boston Marathon Royal baby Samsung Galaxy S4 PlayStation 4 North Korea Here’s a peek at Google’s Zeitgeist video on its YouTube channel: What the world talks about It is not surprising that ... Read More »

Amazon US Tops the Traffic Chart on Pinterest for Winter 2013

Amazon's Pinterest Board

When it comes to social media success stories, Pinterest tops the list with its rapid growth. Nearly four years old, Pinterest grew from having 50,000 to nearly 17 million users in 9 months and is currently hosting over 70 million users. With the success of the network expanding, retailers have been seeking many ways to leverage Pinterest marketing to increase their visibility, brand reach and sales. In a recent study conducted by Searchmetrics, it has been revealed that the Amazon Pinterest Page tops the list with the highest traffic since the beginning of this holiday season. Searchmetrics’ statistics show that ... Read More »

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