Guerrilla Humanitarianism in Serbia: #FeedTheDog

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It is strange how little we need to be happy and satisfied. Even more interesting is how a small act of kindness can brighten our day. This is the essence of humanitarian guerrilla action #FeedTheDog (#NahraniPsa) based in Serbia, but is fast spreading throughout the entirety of the digital Balkan.

The idea behind this action is simple: good people want to feed hungry dogs on streets and they are using social networks to move other people to do the same thing. Utilizing the hashtag #NahraniPsa, people are spreading good vibes with photos on which they are in action of feeding abandoned dogs. These photographs are being featured on the official Facebook page and an idea of guerrilla humanitarianism is spreading via Internet.

The main difference between the previously conducted activities and those being conducted by #NahraniPsa is that action #NahraniPsa use social networks as a place to promote kindness and humanity.

Also, although humanitarian action generally requires participants to donate money or clothes, action #NahraniPsa requires participants to simply utilize the remains of their breakfast, lunch or dinner. When was the last time our family finished an entire meal and didn\’t leave a morsel on the table?

Therefore, only the remains of a meal and some water are enough to take part in the action #NahraniPsa and, of course, photos showing participants actually feeding abandoned dogs. When these images spread on the social network, expanding the idea of ​​goodness and humanity, given the knowledge that so little is needed to make a true human contribution. Everyone can participate in this humanitarian action. All you need is a good will and a little food.

The barrier to entry therefore, is minimal.

It seems that people love action #NahraniPsa because only for month official Facebook page has close to 6,000 fans. Every day fans are sharing information about where are abandoned dogs in every city of Serbia, and the admins of official Facebook page are sharing the information with people nearby who can help.

So if you\’d like to participate in the campaign – you don\’t even have to go and feed dogs, you can also just inform others about where they can find these dogs, and they\’ll do the needful. How much does that truly take?

In Serbia, the issue of stray dogs is one that\’s on the rise. There are many organizations which are fighting for animal rights, but the state institutions won\’t listen. In Serbia, if you feed an abandoned dog and a municipal police officer see syou, he can write you a sentence of up to 5,000 Serbian dinars (59 dollars).

Action #NahraniPsa wants to make big changes. How are you playing a part?

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