Microsite Review: Budweiser, the World Cup\’s Official Beer

rise as one

Budweiser; hailed as the “King of Beers”, and not without reason. This mega-brand has been around for well over a century, and has built itself a royal legacy where it has become a household name among beer-drinkers, and a staple draft in just about any bar or pub you may happen upon. Marketers around the world can take a page from Budweiser’s book, as they reached their current level of popularity through expert marketing tactics over the years. Sticking with the “regal” theme, Budweiser’s latest crowning achievement in marketing is its position as the official beer of the 2014 FIFA ... Read More »

Pinterest: Places To Watch The World Cup


The World Cup has hit soccer fans really hard over the past week with all the flooding on social media, some sharing their rants and congratulatory posts and tweets. Thousands of brands all over the world have been trying to capitalize on this world sporting event and even social media giant Pinterest has joined in. They launched a social campaign “Places To Watch The World Cup” last month prior to the event and encouraged their community to share worldwide locations of the best places to catch the matches. Be it restaurants, cafes or bars, any location that provided coverage on ... Read More »

Coca Cola Uses Spotify And Facebook To Spread Happiness

Coca-Cola Movement is Happiness Campaign

Coca Cola as a brand has carved a niche for itself and has become ‘yoda’ of sorts for fellow Community Managers and Social Media Managers alike. We recently did a story on how Coca Cola benefitted from its visual branding strategy and needless to say the brand’s fresh perspective on engaging content has kept its users on toes, something you can\’t overlook for sure! Movement Is Happiness The “Movement Is Happiness” campaign was conceptualized by Coca Cola to induce ‘activity’ by making Singaporeans enjoy various activities and eventually endorse healthier lifestyles. Coca Cola engaged its audience through unique ideas like ... Read More »

6 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Follower Base Like a Boss

Grow Instagram followers

Instagram’s edge over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is that it’s composed only of little square filtered images with no word limit for the caption. Many businesses would assume that this is the best social media app for posting their product images in order to promote them, but they’d be wrong. The hard sell tactic doesn’t work as well anymore, and it definitely doesn’t reflect well on social media. If you bombard your followers with promotions, you’ll end up with one less follower each hour. Read More »

5 Best Instagram Campaigns of 2014… So Far!


Instagram is a social media platform best used with a good #Hashtag. With the right type of content, and a little bit of interaction with your followers, you\’ll be able to build trust with your social media audience, possibly go viral, and best of all – have some fun! Read on for five excellent examples from companies so far in 2014. #IAmPorter Net-a-Porter decided to promote their print magazine launch by making their news fans the stars. The magazine launched an iOS app titled “I Am Porter.” The app would turn them into a cover models for the magazine using their ... Read More »

An Insight Into Coca Cola\’s Visual Branding Strategy


Coca Cola has been a synonym to \’Happiness and Sharing\’ for over a hundred years since it\’s conceptualization. From the year 1881 to the twentieth century, Coca Cola is one of the first brands that was truly global to the very meaning of the word. From its launch in America in the 18th Century, Coke managed to spread it\’s bottling plants all over the globe in a span of twenty years. Asa Candler, the man behind the marketing and distribution idea, the man who decided to \”bottle\” the drink for the first time, became an example for what marketing really ... Read More »

Video Marketing: An Effective Strategy For Non-Profits


How many non-profits do you ‘like’ or ‘follow’ on social media? Have their content marketing strategies caught your attention? Do you think your strategy is effective enough move your fans? At the heart of all successful content marketing strategies lie well-told brand stories. There are different strategies like pictures, images, text ads and more that serve their own benefits in selling an idea, product or service. However, not all these methods fair well in marketing non-profit businesses. Brands always find a way to sell as they appeal to demand and necessity. A non-profit organization on the other hand exists solely ... Read More »

A Strategy Director\’s Guide To A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Even if you’ve been working in the marketing industry for years, there’s still something intimidating about digital marketing. Online users are certainly a lot more fickle and their attention spans are shorter, compared to those whom you can market to face to face or through billboards or print ads. Read More »

Are You Any Good at Marketing?

Take the quiz and find out!

One of the trickiest questions you can ask a marketer is how good they are. The question makes them say bizarre things like, \”Oh, well. I got 19% ROI on the last campaign I ran.\” or \”I manage about 9.4% engagement on my Facebook page.\” – answers which might make a little bit of sense to those of us associated to the industry, but mean nothing to those not in it. Traditionally, marketers have been judged based on the campaigns they\’ve been associated with, or the creative ideas they\’ve come up with. In a world dominated by social media, it\’s ... Read More »

A One Day 400,000+ Increase in Facebook Page Likes Explained

Facebook Page for KFC USA

Being rated as one of the most coveted fast food brands in the world doesn\’t come easy. Apart from keeping the best quality standard around the food making it ‘talk of the town’ requires a robust marketing strategy. Like all other businesses fast food brands have endorsed ‘Social Media’ as the new marketing mantra, and are in the race for more Facebook page likes. The big question is how many of them are doing it right? We had shared with you in an earlier story about how McDonald’s  went wrong in its strategy and we assumed that this may just ... Read More »

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