Here\’s How Cancer Research UK Raised £8 Million Using Selfies

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.41.45 AM

Over the past two weeks, Cancer Research United Kingdom (CRUK) raised over £8 million from the viral spread of barefaced ‘selfies’ on social media. The intriguing part of this campaign is that CRUK was no way involved in creating this social movement. So how did the British, Canadians, Americans and tons of other people around the world get involved in this (almost) global movement? Some have speculated it was just pure luck that CRUK was linked to these barefaced selfies of women that were floating around the Internet. Frankly, even CRUK themselves have no inkling on who began it but ... Read More »

Prankvertising on Social Media


How do you make a social media audience share your video even if it is completely irrelevant to them and their interests? The answer: prankvertising. One agency to experience great success with is Thinkmodo, who specialise in viral video. The concept setting up a prank and filming it so it will go viral seems like a tricky concept. How do you pull off a prank? Well the answer, for Thinkmodo, was a full scale production. Cleverly organised and put together. More mini movie than a funny home video. One of their most successful videos to go viral was the Carrie in the ... Read More »

Guerrilla Humanitarianism in Serbia: #FeedTheDog


It is strange how little we need to be happy and satisfied. Even more interesting is how a small act of kindness can brighten our day. This is the essence of humanitarian guerrilla action #FeedTheDog (#NahraniPsa) based in Serbia, but is fast spreading throughout the entirety of the digital Balkan. The idea behind this action is simple: good people want to feed hungry dogs on streets and they are using social networks to move other people to do the same thing. Utilizing the hashtag #NahraniPsa, people are spreading good vibes with photos on which they are in action of ... Read More »

Get Ready to Newsjack the Oscars

newsjacking oscars (2)

There’s no time like Oscar-time to newsjack! Sure, last year was a little embarrassing, with most brands doing it all wrong and tweeting inanities of all kind just to have in on the golden buzz. But, there’s no reason one shouldn’t feel optimistic this time around! After all, with one full year of practice behind them, brands are probably better geared to ride the Oscars wave to market their products. So, with the Academy Awards just a little more than a month away, if you are a social marketer, you’d do well to equip yourself with the right strategy to ... Read More »

How 2013\’s Campaigns Will Inform Those of 2014


The Interactive Advertising Bureau studied the most successful digital campaigns of 2013 and rewarded the brands that did best at the IAB Mixx awards. To do so, the IAB asked a group of industry experts to help figure out just what it was that made such an impression on the people. So, how did social media help with the success of these campaigns? If we study this year’s campaigns from Axe, Toshiba and Coca-Cola, we come to understand that social media users are interested in campaigns that offer something beyond the product. AXE – MEN\’S FRAGRANCE The axe campaign of 2013 engaged ... Read More »

Making Your Content Legen-Wait For It-Dary!

Spruce Up Your Content!

“2014 is here and I am going to make a difference!” How many people you know actually DID something? Brands are all over the place showcasing their new products and services in the fanciest way possible! And screaming out how they are going to be bigger (and better) this year. Amidst the entire craze, partying right from Christmas into the New Year, how many brands have seen sticking to those resolutions? How much of the content you put up throughout 2013 was planned strategically? (Think!) The beginning of a new 12 month cycle is the perfect time to turn over ... Read More »

The Most Memorable Ads of 2013


The world of television advertising is laced with high drama. Advertisers have to captivate audiences or all their hard work goes down the train with the flick of a remote control button. In 2013, several ads managed to hook audiences by narrating compelling stories that generated brand interest. Nielsen determined the most memorable advertisements aired between January and November in 2013 by taking the net memorability score which was the percentage of viewers who were able to remember the ad and correct brand for each top ad. They then indexed it against the mean score of all new ads during the ... Read More »

Adidas Has Mastered the Art of Live Tweeting

adidasuk tweet about f50 shoe product

Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in social media marketing. Some of the most creative campaigns are twitter campaigns. It is quite interesting to see how brands have adapted to twitter to generate brand awareness and online buzz about their products or services. One of the most interesting twitter strategy has been followed by @AdidasUK, which appears to have mastered the art of Live tweeting. @AdidasUK tweets about Live football events, as they unfold on the field. If a player scores a goal wearing an Adidas shoe or product, then it turns into an instant tweet with a ... Read More »

The Many Tunes of Social Media: Marketing Lessons From Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles!

No one was expecting it. There was no buzz. No drum rolls. No plug-gy interviews. Just one word- ‘Surprise!’ And, a teensy video. But, Queen Bey knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to give traditional marketing the cold shoulder to announce the release of her latest album Beyonce- on Instagram. Did the tactic work? Sure. In just a few short days after the album’s iTunes-only release, Beyonce Knowles had already sold over a million copies of the digital 14-song/17-video package. Within twelve hours, the album was mentioned around 1.2 million times (beating terrible cult film Sharknado’s record ... Read More »

Boost Your Brand with Pinterest


Let’s face it. Telling a story with visuals is far more compelling than trudging through a thicket of text? Pinterest seems to have got the mantra right! Nope, I am not meaning to be its propagandist – the data is doing all the talking. Before you start to protest, let me lay out the facts first. The current user base of Pinterest stands at over 70 million, it contributes to about 20% of referral traffic to web, its international traffic grew over 125% in 2013 and it hosts more than 500,000 business accounts till date. Now, for a social network ... Read More »

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