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Increasing Engagement: IKEA Creates A Website On Instagram


There are brands that follow the norm, and there are brands that go beyond the norm. And then there are brands, only a few of them albeit, which don’t even consider the much-travelled-path of being ‘norm’. They disrupt, they transform, and they set templates for new norms. While companies across the world are still trying to figure out ways in which they can use Instagram to engage with their consumers, Ikea has gone ahead and created world’s first inter-linked website on Instagram. Yes, you read that correctly – a website on Instagram! The ‘website’ has been created by the Russian ... Read More »

7 Tips To Build Trust From Your Social Audience

7 Tips To Build Trust From Your Social Audience_Blog Banner

I had always been a staunch supporter of online revolution and usually scout the brand’s social media channels and blogs on the web before I make a final purchase. This aspect of marketing that includes authentic reviews comforted me a while back; I mean why wouldn\’t you buy a product if the same is highly recommended by a blogger or has great reviews all over the internet? A reality check while being associated with a brand, introduced me to a unique mafia that operated undercover, and included the likes of celebrities, bloggers and other pushed form of reviews, mostly internal ... Read More »

Social Ads: Everything You Need to Know


Social advertising. That\’s been the buzzword for a while hasn\’t it? Well, it\’s been one of the buzzwords that we like to throw around. If you\’re a serious digital business (and who shouldn\’t be?) – you\’ve probably been talked to about social advertising, or if you\’re a digital/social agency, you\’ve probably discussed social advertising with your clients at some point in the last couple of months. The discourse began of course, once Facebook reach plummeted, and people realized the free ride was over. Sure, you\’ll still find a ton of influencers and social gurus beating their chests on the sidewalk ... Read More »

7 Ways To Achieve Direct Response Marketing

Genius Direct Response Marketing

Online marketing can go in millions of different directions, but the one marketers seem to stick with the most is direct response marketing. This type of marketing inspires an immediate response from consumers. You might want more people to sign up for your e-newsletters, attend your webinars or simply buy something from you. With this type of marketing, you can easily judge the success of your efforts based on the level of response. There are two basic approaches to this type of marketing: the one-shot and the campaign. Both have the ability to deliver good results and drive up your ... Read More »

The Importance of Addressing Feedback On Social Media

shutterstock_177074579 [Converted]-02

Gone are the days when you thought the only way to register your complaint against a brand or a product is to dial that ever-busy customer care support. As brands increasingly use social media as a marketing tool, many young customers are also finding the platform an effective way to voice their woes. In an ebook by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, LinkedIn\’s Senior Content Marketing and Social Media Manager Jason A. Miller perfectly describes social as a “telephone which can turn into a microphone.” He said,\”The voice of the customers are becoming bigger and louder.” Hence, it is no surprise why ... Read More »

Changing Social Media Landscape: 8 Ways To Stay Ahead

shutterstock_114734281 [Converted]-01

Social media as of late has become more of a beast that businesses are trying to tame, rather than a powerful tool to be used to enhance their business. With this changing social media landscape, what was once presumed to be a fad and expected to meet the same fate as the dot com bubble burst, ceased to occur. Social media has impacted the revenues of the traditional marketing, along with the ways of the advertising world. This can be seen by the emergence of the ads in YouTube and the growth of targeted Google & Facebook ads. While social media has ... Read More »

Content Marketing: The Importance of Audit and Lifecycles

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Content is what makes up your website – content IS your website. Therefore, you have to make sure that every single piece of content that exists on your site is useful. We\’ve already explored how ‘content is king’ and how you can make it work for you on social media, but, what if you are re-vamping your entire website or creating brand new website content? Where do you start with your content marketing strategy? The reason you need a content marketing strategy in the first place is because you want your content to be useful. If Information Architecture (the structure of your ... Read More »

What is Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?


Everybody is always looking for the next best thing in social media, to latch on to and Pinterest has caught the attention of several brands as the next best thing and owing to Uniqlo’s Gold Lion winning campaign, it’s now the best time to jump on to pinterest before this ship sails. Before jumping onto the Pinterest bandwagon, an organization needs to weigh the pros and cons to understand whether or not they are getting into this for all the right reasons. In previous articles, we have always talked about brands being where there audience is and because all social ... Read More »

Hashtag Woes: Lessons From The Ice Challenge

Screenshot from 2014-07-14 16:16:56

Hashtags – the little bookmarks of the internet are also one of the most exploited tools in social media campaigns. Brands use these all the time to promote themselves and get their campaigns trending. However, every once in a while, this strategy can backfire leading to really confusing situation for the brand as well as the brand\’s followers. We have picked one such incident where two very different social media campaigns used the exact same hashtag for promotion leading to an ocean of confused fans and of course a few hearty laughs. The hashtag in limelight for all the wrong ... Read More »

Google+ Content Strategy: Android

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 3.27.04 PM

Surprisingly, Google+ pages is an underestimated and often under-utilized tool in the realm of social media marketing. However, the good people over at Android’s online marketing department would doubtlessly swear by it. According to SocialBakers, Android is currently topping the list for the most likes on a Google+ page this month–an impressive 7 million! Visuals Let’s ease on in with some visuals, shall we? We can’t stress how important visual presence is as an online marketing strategy. It is generally the first thing the public will notice, and often the most retained information. Android has a good grasp on this factor; ... Read More »

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