5 Best Quotes From Social Matters Singapore 2014

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Social Matters was a 2-day event under All That Matters, the only event in Asia that connects businesses and fans at one location. If you missed our previous article from Digital Matters, read it here. The issues and trends raised by the speakers during the discussion panels at Social Matters heavily revolved around a lack of conversation and engagement with audiences on social media. Marketers have been to focused on pushing out content to their audiences on Facebook or Twitter, rather than using these social platforms to converse with their audience.

Here are 5 of best pointers from Social Matters:

Focus More On Emotions

Maria Spinelli, Vice-President, SEA, BrainJuicer, shared in her discussion that emotional advertising strategies perform much better in worldwide markets as compared to rational advertising strategies. Consumers are more open to accepting content, especially videos or adverts, that display a more human and emotional approach because it is more relatable.

Audiences React Better To Familiar Content

Guy Nicolucci, Hollywood Emmy-winning Sreenwriter, has spent years as a comedic writer, creating scripts for comedians such as Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien. He shared that audiences always show a better reaction whenever a joke or the script is based on a topic or idea that they are familiar with. Essentially, content creators should repurpose ideas and concepts, with an added spin on them, to garner greater response from their audiences. It’s okay to create videos or write articles about issues that have been discussed before as long as you incorporate your brand’s own image and voice into it.

Take Advantage Of Social Media To Listen To Your Consumers

Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey, shares that brands should be investing more resources and time into listening to what their audiences want and need from them, also called social listening. His take on this is to engage with your consumers through regular surveys as a means to understanding their views. What consumers want is to be heard, rather to be fed with content and information that they have no interest in.

Viewers Want More Than Just Content

Michael Stevens, also known as Vsauce, creates immensely engaging content on YouTube on a regular basis and manages to consistently garner large amounts of views and comments on his videos. His secret to being a successful content creator goes beyond just creating and posting videos. Instead he taps into his audiences and engages them by making it a two-way conversation. He is a firm believer that constant engagement with his audiences is the key to gaining loyal viewership.

Re-evaluate Your Social Strategy

During on the panel discussions about being a digitally devoted brand, Damien Cummings, CMO (APAC) of Phillips brought up the issue of how most companies social strategy focuses too much on creating daily content. Creating conversation is a more important factor of social content. Brands need to join in a conversation, reinvent a conversation or just create a conversation to ensure constant engagement with their consumers.


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