An Insight Into Coca Cola\’s Visual Branding Strategy

An Insight Into Coca Cola\’s Visual Branding Strategy

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Coca Cola has been a synonym to \’Happiness and Sharing\’ for over a hundred years since it\’s conceptualization. From the year 1881 to the twentieth century, Coca Cola is one of the first brands that was truly global to the very meaning of the word. From its launch in America in the 18th Century, Coke managed to spread it\’s bottling plants all over the globe in a span of twenty years. Asa Candler, the man behind the marketing and distribution idea, the man who decided to \”bottle\” the drink for the first time, became an example for what marketing really was.

With the advent of digital marketing via television, visual ads became one of the \’basic mode of advertising\’ that took over. The internet revolution and the current age of the social web altered forever how brands express who they are and why they matter. The shift from the “organization” to the “individual” is now the order of the new age. The internet age has brought a new value system based on the speed of change. Being  immersed in a dramatic world of disruptive innovation and a need for constant change, Coca Cola has created its own visual language, culture, and iconography from the unbridled energy of the digital playground they were born into. Speed and a willingness to embrace change is their essence.

The Coca Cola Visual Branding Strategy

Focus On The Individual, Not The Organisation

No one is better than Coca Cola at having all of its communications, down to the very packaging, embody the brand promise of happiness and sharing. This creates a branding that is as visual as it can get while Coke manages to create great stories that focus on the individual, keeping real their philosophy of \’happiness and sharing\’.

Focus On Every Unique Consumer

Coke creates it\’s visual advertisements with it\’s target audience in focus. The beverage has no age limit and that is what the beverage company keeps in mind! Coca Cola creates ads that cater to a wide segment of the population, ensuring it yields justice to them one at a time. For example, Coke was not established in Australia a while back and thus the company decided to create a video ad that let the Australians know that they were important to the company – again staying in line with their motto of \”Spreading Happiness\” and \”Sharing\”.

Create Visuals, Not Advertisements

The ads of Coca Cola, all of which are produced around their vision statement, have great content to support their case. Every commercial connects with the audience and tells a different story about happiness. They involve great planning and creativity that leaves their customers spellbound - It is not just about the bottle of Coke, they say, it is about how we change lives. Story telling is a great way to engage your audience without coming off as hard selling.

Maintaining It\’s Vision – Sharing and Happiness

From the years be it the popular Coke ad of 1970 to today\’s dramatic yet effective advertisements, Coca Cola maintains it\’s vision statement through all these years! It is evident in all of their advertising materials that the storyline is similar – creating happy consumers – but Coke has always taken a different approach to each video they make.

6 Ways Coca Cola Excels In Video Marketing

1. Constantly Creating Great Content

Coca Cola uses stories that hit right at the heart in its video campaigns and thus, giving it the \’human touch\’ gets going in the market. With international teams around the globe that understand local languages, cultural preferences and celebrations, they provide their customers a glimpse of themselves in every ad that they see.

2. Minimal Product Placement

One of the most vivid themes of every Coca Cola ad is that it never boasts of its product on the face! It simply  tells it\’s story with a smart flash of the brand at the end of the commercial. Subtle yet impactful.

3. Diversification

From depicting the brand in the Chinese text in China to creating individual names as the brand name in Australia, the company ensures it diversifies it\’s approach to every inch of the globe.

4. Highlighting The Consumer

Be it a bottle of Coke or any other product that it wants to market, Coke always has its video ad highlight as the end user – The consumer!

5. Seasonal Branding

The company ensures it always goes with the season! Be it the Super Bowl, Fifa World Cup or Indian Premier League, Coke never fails to take advantage of a good sporting season to be choice of drink during breaks.

6. Transparency

A shocker that most brands would never do, Coca Cola does not shy away in stating the harmful side-effects of drinking the beverages they manufacture. An amazing way to stay true to building trust?

Wendy Clark, Senior Vice President at Coca Cola maintains, \”We\’re engaging consumers and becoming much more transparent and participatory in the way we market. I think we are getting up and into the conversation with the consumers today.\” It turns out that where ever they are located, Coca Cola\’s advertising strategy creates a complete vacuum in the minds of its viewer, filling the void with just the flash of the bottle and heartfelt story.

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About Namita Sonthalia

A marketing and research professional, Namita is a copywriter at heart and takes all things social very personally. As a Web Journalist for Beta21, Namita explores the latest social media tools available to marketers and provides insights on how to better cater to their fan following.
  • Aditya Bajaj

    Brilliant and a well researched article! Had never seen or heard about any of the videos and it’s definitely a visual treat. So Coke knows how exactly the human psyche works.. And I know that I’m gonna grab a bottle of coke right away! Cheers!!!

    • Shahini Shairah

      That’s exactly what Coke does, doesn’t it? They entertain us and then we crave for a taste of their drink!

      • Aditya Bajaj

        Such advertisements by Coke have the ability to reduce the feeling of guilt that is generally experienced after consuming the glorified product!

        • Shahini Shairah

          Agreed. Coke’s motto of ‘Happiness’ and ‘Sharing’ also influences these emotions and feelings in their consumers through their marketing tactics. Very smart on their part.

  • Ankit

    Just Brilliant..!! Creating a hype by advertising harmful side effects of the product..never knew this is possible in today’s dynamic and competitive market. Who can ever take this risk?

    • Shahini Shairah

      I think in this case, the harmful side effects of Coke is already known to the public. So by acknowledging the fact that they too are aware of the health risks, consumers generally feel that they can somehow trust the brand more. It also helps tons that Coke was able to deliver the ad in a very diplomatic manner. ;)

      • Ankit

        I guess you are right. This way coke was able to have an edge over the competition especially when the competition continued to advertise about their drink’s greatness but in reality were equally harmful.

    • namita.bajaj

      Coca cola seems to be the only brand that does not just say “injurious to health” in small tabs like in a packet of cigarette, instead it went all the way to promote “not drinking” of the beverage in America by the video you mentioned! calling it transparency would be an irony because they are here to do business!!! call it their marketing strategy that plays with the psyche of the consumer? I guess that would be more apt! :)

  • Taru Bhargava

    Coca-Cola is indeed the king when it comes to visual branding strategy and clearly brings out the warm fuzzy emotion, the key reason for its virality. Very well written piece!

    • Avtar Ram Singh

      It’s kinda crazy how amazingly they still manage to drive home the brand’s messaging and emotion in every piece of content that they create. A lot of the credit of course, should go to the agencies involved as well. ;)

    • namita.bajaj

      Thank you Taru Bhargava!

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