Chanel: Social Media\’s Luxury Star

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Chanel’s been voted the luxury marketer of the year for 2013. The classy, elegant brand has always been a trendsetter when it came to selling itself right. From Marilyn Monroe’s declarations to the Little Black dress, Chanel’s always tried to do things differently.

So what’s new this time around?

Chanel’s spreading luxury and class in the domain of social media with its digital marketing that combines young enthusiasm with the brand’s stellar legacy.

They have an impeccable strategy that positions itself cleverly across platforms, be it Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. It is therefore no surprise that Chanel ranks highest in terms of pins, re-pins and impressions even on Pinterest. What is most interesting is that Chanel does not even have a Pinterest account! A perfect example of stirring longing for a cult luxury brand.



Though other Luxury brands such as Cartier and Gucci are still perceived as snobbish, Chanel’s trying to carve a niche by offering a mobile site for its beauty products. This is a great way to bring high fashion to the door of entry level consumers and get them to appreciate the brand.

Their Facebook and Twitter pages are extremely attractive while maintaining the elusivenes that’s inherent in a luxury brand. They\’ve also strengthened the focus on emerging markets that are commanding Chanel\’s interest off-line. Their new product launch included a video featuring Gisele Bundchen as well as a video sharing make-up tips. It seems that Chanel’s sets its eyes on getting rich, elitist customers while enchanting regular folks who dream of being able to afford Chanel one day.

They have released an 18-minute brand film starring Keira Knightley that showcases the label’s innovation and willingness to break the rules of digital marketing. Chanel knows what it is doing, the film despite its length, did attract and engage the audience.

So, what are the key lessons that social marketers can take away from Chanel\’s runway success?

Luxury brands can use social media without breaking their image

Using social media to promote a high-scale brand will not make it a mom and pop store. If your brand is used by the rich and the mighty, you\’ll find both  your customers and aspiring customers online. Chanel has found a way to make itself more relevant offline  by putting a great show online.

Getting more eyeballs – and customers

Let\’s face it. Luxury brands have a limited number of customers. They are for a niche clientele and that is what creates their allure.   Teasing customers online with trailers and products is a great way to grab attention and get people to buy beauty products that are more affordable than haute couture.  Case in point, Chanel’s Première watches that were positioned as a collection that can translate to all occasions by showing stylish women going about their daily lives. Once these  consumers discover beauty items that they fall in love with, they typically stick with what they know and get into a particular regimen that involves repeat purchasing.

Be all you want to be

Social media is a byword for customization of the advertising experience. Aspiring customers and target customers can  both flirt with their favourite Chanel dress online. In fact, the two divergent styles seen in Chanel’s videos converged through print campaigns in top luxury publications that reached the affluent backbone of the brand. The fashion label showed its might with multiple prime ad placements in all the major luxury publications.

Emotions, Emotions, Emotions

People connect better with people than with just featured content. Social media tells a story that traditional media does not. It rivets the mind and the senses. Chanel\’s marketing journey is an epitome of an inter-linked approach that tells a grand story from the founder\’s background to Keira Knightley\’s wedding dress.

Chanel has elevated itself from its competitors and contemporaries by staying true to its legacy and getting across a heartfelt message with the finesse and allure.

As Gabrielle Chanel said, \”Chanel is above all a style. Fashion passes, style remains.\”

Isn\’t social media then the best fashion to carry this style forward?

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