Here’s What Every Minute on the Internet Looks Like

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Yes, the internet is vast. Yes there’s a lot of stuff happening on it all the time. When you throw 2.4 billion people on a single network – activity is to be expected. How much activity though? Last year, DOMO created a really nifty infographic showcasing what goes on every minute on the internet. And because they’re such great guys, they decided to do one for this year as well. Here’s the infographic!


Once you’re done pinning it to your social media board on Pinterest (3,472 will be pinned this very minute) or in real life, let’s just take a look at some of the staggering numbers of what happens every minute on the internet shall we?

Some of them, didn’t baffle me as much as the others. When I took a look at the following, I was expecting them to be fairly high:

  • Pandora Users Listen to 61,141 hours of music. That equates to about 3,668,460 minutes of music. Which in my brain – translates to those many users actually listening to music. Since Pandora has over 200 million users (as of August 2013, should have grown more) – that means about 1.8% of their audience is listening to music. This number should probably be higher actually.
  • E-Mail Users Send 204,00,000 Messages: I can get behind this. Primarily because this probably also accounts for all that spam sent, all those newsletter, those promotional materials, those invites, those e-mails sent between co-workers and what not. Not that big for a global scale.
  • Skype Users Connect for 23,300 Hours: This translates to about 1,398,000 minutes – which translates to 1.39 million users on Skype each minute. Keyword here is “connect”. Does this mean an active conversation or a call? Or just being signed on?
  • Google Receives Over 4,000,000 Search Queries: This should definitely be higher. People ask way too many stupid questions, can we please have this go to more like 40 million queries by next year? Thanks all.

Here are some that made me go, “WHAT?!” when I saw them, and I was a little skeptical.

  • WhatsApp Users Share 347,222 Photos: That’s just crazy. These aren’t being put up on a “network” for others to see – these are personal photos. That’s a huge amount for every single minute!
  • Amazon Makes $83,000 In Sales: … how do I get a piece of this action?
  • YouTube Users Upload 72 Hours of New Video: STOP THE MADNESS!
  • Vine Users Share 8,333 Videos: For a network that’s not that big with a lot of “lurkers” – this is a massive amount of videos.
  • Facebook Users Share 2,460,000 Pieces of Content: Every minute? I’m aware that BuzzFeed goes viral every couple of minutes, but this number is crazy. No wonder they had to tweak the newsfeed algorithm.

Of course – most stats there are mind boggling for sure, but for every minute on the internet – these numbers are just… I don’t even know what to say. Incomprehensible? Some of them might just be, but they just show how much humans like to network, share, distribute and be heard.

Now for the million dollar question – how much of that content gets engagement every minute? ;) The only way to find an answer to this million dollar question is to use a social listening platform that can track engagement on social platforms on a real time basis.

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