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The Future of Social is Video

Video content has better shareable and shelf value than images and status updates, video content is the future of social media

48 hrs is the average life of a tweet – GaggleAMP 75% of engagement on a Facebook post occurs within the first five hours – Wisemetrics Shocking? As community managers we put in a lot of effort in creating our strategic content plan to schedule Facebook posts, tweets and share information on other social media platforms. We invest time and energy in getting images designed to be shared on these platforms as well, since they are received well with a lot of enthusiasm on social media. However, it can be noticed that there are a lot of video platforms that ... Read More »

The Year That Was – The Top Social Media Campaigns of 2013


2013 has been an amazing year for social media. Platforms have taken off, trends have gone haywire and non profit organisations have taken to social media, new terms have been coined, old terms have been re-visited with Facebook changing their algorithm more times than Lady Gaga has caused an outcry. All said and done, 2013 has been a fantastic year for some social media campaigns – with fresh ideas rolling in and creativity vowing the digital spectrum. What did 2013 bring? Too much. But to capture what stood out the most, here’s a countdown of the social media campaigns that ... Read More »

Amazon US Tops the Traffic Chart on Pinterest for Winter 2013

Amazon's Pinterest Board

When it comes to social media success stories, Pinterest tops the list with its rapid growth. Nearly four years old, Pinterest grew from having 50,000 to nearly 17 million users in 9 months and is currently hosting over 70 million users. With the success of the network expanding, retailers have been seeking many ways to leverage Pinterest marketing to increase their visibility, brand reach and sales. In a recent study conducted by Searchmetrics, it has been revealed that the Amazon Pinterest Page tops the list with the highest traffic since the beginning of this holiday season. Searchmetrics’ statistics show that ... Read More »

The Walking Dead\’s Guide to Survival for Marketers


The Walking Dead is a Golden Globe winning American series that looks at a post-apocalyptic world where survivors battle flesh-eating zombies. Before you raise your eyebrows at the questionable taste of the 12 million people who tune into the show, here’s how it’s revolutionizing social television, marketing campaigns and exemplifying how to last in tough markets. The Walking dead’s social strategy to promote itself involves: Tugging at your emotions: They rerun episodes in black and white. It adds nostalgia, gets them eyeballs (the non-zombie kind) and gives them full marks for out of the box thinking. Why change what’s perfect? : They ... Read More »

What\’s the Perfect Post Length Across Social Media Networks?


Social media is all about having a conversation. As social media executives or community managers we try various combinations to get the perfect post for maximum engagement. The brands we manage have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (among others like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more). Each of these platforms cater to a slightly different audience, and so the composition of these posts also varies accordingly. The length of the post is one of the primary factors that determines whether your Fan or Follower, who has been overloaded with updates from various Facebook Pages and Friends, will be willing to ... Read More »

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