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Social Media Behaviour Through The Ages


Social media and social networking seems fairly new compared to the other traditional modes of communication. What is the first social media interaction do you remember?  Writing on walls, tweeting, posting, poking, pinging, shouting, sharing and blogging have found their way in to the English dictionary with a whole new meaning. Poking or shouting in real life may be annoying but this form of social media behaviour is totally acceptable online. Social statuses are determined on the basis of the likes and comments on posts and what was once considered as stalking when someone took more than acceptable interest in someone’s ... Read More »

The Importance of Social User Experience Design

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User experience design enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by making your campaign website or social site easier and more enjoyable to use. This design allows you to gauge how consumers will react to your social and digital marketing campaigns once they are live, followed by an analysis of their behaviors. These are main aspects of UX: Visual Design Visual design represents the aesthetics or look-and-feel of the front end of any user interface. Put simply; how your website looks. The purpose of visual design is to use visual elements like colours, images, and symbols to convey a message to its audience. The design ... Read More »

#LastSelfie: WWF\’s Brilliant Snapchat Campaign


Social media has become the medium where brands have made it their word of mouth. The latest app, Snapchat developed by Evan Spiegel and Jonathan May, carved way for an engaging campaign created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) called the #LastSelfie. #LastSelfie Snapchat is popular for its photo and video sharing features with a specialty of setting a time limit for the viewing of the same by the sender to the recipient, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds. WWF used SnapChat by sharing \’selfies\’ of many endangered animals such as tigers, polar bears, dolphins and others under the hashtag #LastSelfie. These images ... Read More »

Measuring The ROI Of Social Media For Beginners


We often hear about tons of statistics both for and against Social Media Marketing. There are those that strongly advocate using social media for businesses and those that are adamant that social media is overrated. The argument has been raging on both the camps for quite some time now vastly owning to the fact that measuring the ROI of social media has not been made very clear. But, Pagemodo begs to differ. They have released an infographic that takes a look at the different opinions about the effectiveness of social media, some existing methods of measuring the ROI of social media ... Read More »

How Dunkin\’ Donuts Succeeds on Twitter

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The very first point  on how Dunkin’ Donuts succeeds on Twitter to get out of the way is that they sell delicious donuts. That is always a big #WIN for me. Beyond their product, Dunkin’ Donuts have met a level of success on Twitter that others would surely like to have for their own. Excellent Corporate Branding Dunkin’ Donuts has a great look that you see as soon as you log onto their account. They have their logo bright and in your face, and their header image is simply… mouth-watering. Look at the featured image again – this is a ... Read More »

3 Best Pinterest Campaigns From Big Brands


Think of the best social media campaigns by brands. Think again. Make a quick mental list. Stop. Chances are that a Pinterest campaign did not make that list. It’s not surprising. Despite tremendous and meteoric rise, this four-year-old visual communication social platform has not managed to strongly resonate with social media managers. Brands that have a huge visual element such as apparel, cosmetics, and food have still managed to leverage on Pinterest. However, for others it has been an uphill task. After looking at 5 best Vines, Instagram, and Twitter campaigns, we decided to explore 3 best Pinterest campaigns that not only ... Read More »

Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Brand Be On?

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The all encompassing social media has got everyone running at a marathon\’s pace to create a presence on the world wide web. With the online marketing cosmos having players such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn to name a few, the dilemma of making the right choice for marketing your product/blog/service is no less complicated than a three year old solving a Rubik\’s Cube. Why Should You Be Present On Social Media? Create a presence on social media to monitor what’s being said about you Incredible tool for deepening connection with customers Yield larger interest among customers through detailed marketing ... Read More »

Here\’s How Blockbusters Use Social Media

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They scream. They entice. They engage. They mesmerize you all the way into booking the show right on the release date. Movie promos on social media platforms are powerful enough to make or break a movie. They engage with the audience and can bring out the spirit of the movie.  New age directors, fresh movie themes and innovative approaches in movie production have paved the way for a new stream of cinema. Combined with social media marketing this is, truly, a marriage made in heaven. Movie promoters have moved on from traditional magazine interviews and BTL campaigns to capturing \’likes\’ and \’shares\’ on ... Read More »

10 Essential LinkedIn Tips For Community Managers

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LinkedIn is often seen as a professional platform to solely increase connections to build your own personal network. Contrary to that, it\’s as much of a community-building platform as Google+ or Facebook, and that\’s why we\’ve got 10 LinkedIn tips laid out for you. For professionals that have invested more into this platform, you would find them actively engaging in activity on the news feeds as well as in Interest groups. When it boils down to community management on LinkedIn, these are a few key areas to be taken note of: Increase Your Connections For The Right Reasons LinkedIn is ... Read More »

10 Most Patriotic Twitter Accounts for Independence Day

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Every July 4th is a red, white, and blue party in America, and it brings out some the best content on Twitter accounts across the country. Every Twitter account that is even remotely related to American history or politics has something to say about the holiday, and it can be great fun to have your Twitter account taken over by the best of this content. I’m going to look at the best Twitter accounts to follow for Independence Day, and for American political interest in general. They’ll have a splash of patriotism, some historical significance, and there’d better be some ... Read More »

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