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10 Google+ Tips For Community Managers

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While Google+ has an upcoming 3rd birthday around the corner, there has been some speculation of Google shifting their focus away from the social media platform. Despite naysayers predicting an eventual doom for the social media platform, there are over 300 million active users worldwide who frequent the platform. Before we plunge into our 10 Google+ tips for community managers, here are 4 of the most basic yet important factors of Google+ that you should take note of: Achieving Reach on Google+ The more active your brand is, the higher your articles will rank in Google SERPs. Google authorship used to ... Read More »

QUIT\’s Creative Vine Campaign For World No Tobacco Day

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Quit is a non-profit organization that aims to deter children from smoking so when faced with the challenge of creating a campaign for World No Tobacco Day they turned to M&C Saatchi Sydney. M&C Saatchi wanted to communicate the dangers to Quit’s young demographic in such a way that it would be ‘cool’ to share. Often, the challenge that most health marketers face when advertising the harm of cigarettes is that this young demographic actually like a danger factor in adverts and this can work well in other campaigns. Simplicity in Vine Videos A pro bono online video campaign using the ... Read More »

The Rise of High Quality Content Marketing


Several years ago, companies thought content marketing was a niche strategy that only applied to certain businesses. Really, why would a computer brand blog or why should a restaurant post photos on Instagram? While content marketing might be great for magazines, interior designers and other business that create, most businesses just don\’t have the time and energy for content marketing. But now, they\’re making time. The benefits of content marketing have taken off in the past year and business owners are paying attention. They\’re recognising how effective content marketing is at attracting new customers and qualified leads, and now they\’re ... Read More »

Nike’s Instagram Strategy Focuses On It\’s Audience


Nike’s tagline “Just Do It” is not merely an amalgamation of three words. Over the years it has become an anthem. With a reach that transcends languages, borders, and demography, the power of these three small words is larger than life on social media. What happens when a brand that has coined such a powerful slogan takes to a social platform that defines the #selfie generation? A quick look at TOTEMS (formerly Nitrogram), an analytics tool that tracks how brands are performing on Instagram, puts Nike on top of the table with 4,815,016 followers and 27, 920, 351 posts mentioning the hashtag #Nike. ... Read More »

7 Social Media Trends and What The Hell To Do With Them

7 Social Media Trends

Social media marketers are forever on the lookout for trends that will not just work the best for their brand, but also make them stand out amongst their competitors. Considering 42% adults online are present on multiple social networking sites for personal and business purposes; staying out dated is totally out of question.  So we decided to give you a comprehensive look at the top social media trends this year and that\’s not all! We came up with a few dos and don\’ts for each to help you create an effective strategy. 1. Content Repurposing Content Repurposing is all about ... Read More »

10 Awesome Twitter GIFs from Brands


Twitter announced the arrival of the GIFs with a GIF of their own last week, and it was like every brand on Earth with a Twitter account had been sitting on a big pile of great GIFs. It was a GIF explosion right from the very beginning, and we\’re loving it. Here are 10 of our favorite Twitter GIFs so far! 1. Twitter Twitter got it started off right with a GIF that both poked fun at the pronunciation of GIF, it has a soft ‘g’ like Gin, and was just ridiculous as so many funny GIFs are: Starting today, you can share ... Read More »

Samsung\’s Boring Facebook Content Strategy Is A Big Hit!

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Always on the lookout for the best content strategies being executed by brands the world over, we happened to stumble upon Samsung Mobile USA\’s Facebook page. As much as most of us really like their products and after services, we found their page to be nothing short of boring in an interesting way! Interesting, because their page gives a new meaning to personal touch. And the result is what every marketer looks forward to for their brand – engagement. Lots and lots of engagement. Boring, because it\’s far too human. Here\’s a comprehensive look at their content strategy to get our point ... Read More »

10 Facebook Tips For Community Managers

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Marketers worldwide have been crying foul about the sudden drop in organic reach on Facebook. As if marketers didn\’t already enough problems, organic reach has become yet another issue to worry about. Before we share with your 10 tips that we\’ve got for managing a Facebook page, here are 5 issues that marketers should be paying attention to on Facebook. Facebook Reach One of the most important things that we should be doing is to succumb to Facebook advertising because at the end of they day, a substantial reach is what we need and 2% organic reach just isn\’t going ... Read More »

5 of the Best Brands on Instagram


Instagram has risen in popularity and importance as a social platform in a fairly short time. Its no wonder the brands would want to be present where their possible target audiences are. The tricky part is building a presence on a platform that involves visual storytelling. Some brands have been quite successful in building a base at the same time being quite innovative on the page What\’s Your Instagram Strategy? The top sites with a large number of followers are from the Sports and Fashion industry. There are some generic practices constant through all the brands. Hashtags One of them ... Read More »

How To Build Customer Loyalty On Social Media


In the old days the only way companies would hear from their customers was usually through an irate phone call to customer service or by reading depositions in a lawsuit or worse a media quote. But today the social networking wall has broken down that invisible concrete barrier between customer and company. Wanna’ say something to billionaire Mark Cuban? Just Tweet him. I just chatted with the @mcuban. Can\’t prove it b/c msgs go away after read. Feel like CIA. Add me cyberdust ID: ProudDad3 — Jason (@Stablier) June 17, 2014 Now companies are scrambling to find ways to make ... Read More »

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