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General Electric\’s Instagram Content Strategy Analyzed

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\”Imagination at work\” constitutes General Electric\’s promise in the fields of science – be it healthcare, finance, industrial engineering, energy or social media. GE has not held back in creating its space in the media mammoths like Facebook, Twitter and everything else. Now comes, Instagram - GE\’s presence on Instagram? Over 170,500 followers – yes, it\’s not much compared to some celebrities but for an organisation like GE, that\’s a huge feat to achieve. How can a company that deals with manufacturing windmills and healthcare and industrial gadgets make people on the social media wait anxiously for a campaign created called Instawalk - #GEInstaWalk and #GEInspiredMe. General Electric\’s Content Strategy ... Read More »

5 Questions Marketers Just Can\’t Get Right in the SMQuiz


For those of you who haven\’t been under a rock for the last few weeks, you\’d know that the Social Marketer\’s Quiz has been going on in full force. And when we announced the launch of the quiz, we mentioned that one of the best things to come out of this quiz would be the insights. The ability to actually find out what marketers think is right, what\’s wrong, what works and what doesn\’t. In one of the Social Media Hangouts, we discussed that we\’d be talking about a couple of the insights that we\’ve generated from this quiz, and ... Read More »

How Often Should You Reshare Content On Social Media?


In the ever changing landscape of Social Media, content has always been hailed as the king (we also know that you have heard this umpteen number of times) .Community managers and social media managers worldwide fight the demon of ‘producing fresh content’ everyday. It may not be always feasible to provide ‘uniqueness’ and therefore it is a common practice for them to continuously repost, retweet or reshare an image, video or article that has been published. This aspect has its benefits too, unless it is overused. What exactly should be the ‘usage’ pattern for reposting and how often should you ... Read More »

8 Hashtag Mistakes You Don\’t Want To Make


As all social media marketers are aware, the “hashtag” can be a very powerful tool, whether it is used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other such platform. However, as the age old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility. We will be taking a look at several big name brands who made some irresponsible (and even just plain silly) hashtag mistakes when utilizing the promotional power of these keywords. McDonald’s: #McDStories Recently, McDonald’s launched a Twitter campaign prompting followers to share personal stories about their McDonald’s meals using the hashtag #McDStories. Unfortunately, this hashtag quickly became hijacked by jokers and dissatisfied ... Read More »

The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2014

5 best

Companies take to Facebook and other social networking platforms everyday, to run contests with the purpose of creating more engagement, generate more fans and increase loyalty amongst audience members for the brand. Some get it right and some fail miserably. Although we can fill volumes of books on botched social media experiments and failed campaigns, for now we’ll focus on some of the most innovative  and best social media campaigns of 2014! #MyNatGeoCoverShot With over 10 million fans on the Facebook page, Nat Geo India decided to promote their show CoverShot through a ‘My NatGeo Cover Shot’ contest on Facebook. ... Read More »

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Feedback Form


Everyone has a feedback form on their website, but not a lot of them put enough thought behind one. Most of the feedback forms that I see on websites and Facebook pages tend to have very similar characteristics. Enter your name, e-mail address, message and also solve this CAPTCHA created by Satan himself. So how do you create the perfect feedback form? Or at least a really good one. It\’s an important factor of your website to pay attention to, given that this is where you\’ll be generating sales leads, answering questions, getting feedback, growing your network, getting requests, it\’s ... Read More »

6 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Follower Base Like a Boss

Grow Instagram followers

Instagram’s edge over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is that it’s composed only of little square filtered images with no word limit for the caption. Many businesses would assume that this is the best social media app for posting their product images in order to promote them, but they’d be wrong. The hard sell tactic doesn’t work as well anymore, and it definitely doesn’t reflect well on social media. If you bombard your followers with promotions, you’ll end up with one less follower each hour. Read More »

5 Best Instagram Campaigns of 2014… So Far!


Instagram is a social media platform best used with a good #Hashtag. With the right type of content, and a little bit of interaction with your followers, you\’ll be able to build trust with your social media audience, possibly go viral, and best of all – have some fun! Read on for five excellent examples from companies so far in 2014. #IAmPorter Net-a-Porter decided to promote their print magazine launch by making their news fans the stars. The magazine launched an iOS app titled “I Am Porter.” The app would turn them into a cover models for the magazine using their ... Read More »

5 Unusual Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs


It\’s incredibly hard to get hardcore data around the number of entrepreneurs in the world, but at the beginning of 2012 – the number was pegged to be around the 400 million mark. Two years later, I\’m positive that that number has dramatically increased. With hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs around the world kickstarting their business and trying to get things moving for them, digital media has become the number one source for them to execute their marketing campaigns on. It\’s cheaper, it\’s faster, it\’s easier and it\’s measurable. For entrepreneurs looking to save time and money on the products ... Read More »

The Only Guide You Will Need For Live Tweeting


The new age grapevine today is unarguably Twitter, making it an exciting platform for marketers. While many brands are burning their pockets with high budget marketing campaigns, for others innovation and fan build up increased simply through ‘meme-jacking’. Yet another compelling marketing tactic that is gaining popularity is ‘Live tweeting’. Not only is it a cost effective way, it also connects your followers and influencers in a never before manner. The best brands in the business today realise this and therefore have been using it successfully to promote an individual event (read Adidas) or product launch, or intelligently plugging in ... Read More »

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