The Top Buzzwords of 2013, And How to Avoid Them

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Do you think using ‘Responsible’ sets your brand apart from the others? Well, we think you should gear up your thought process because this is the most overused buzzword of 2013, according to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has announced the most overused words in 2013! And, it seems like you have touted yourself as an ‘innovative and creative’ leader. No, that’s not it. You’ve gone further to call yourselves ‘analytical’, ‘effective’, ‘dynamic’ and what not! Because that\’s what the game is all about right?!

What are these buzzwords?



Responsible accounted as the most overused buzzword has now got us thinking as to ‘Why’? You have dressed up your LinkedIn profile screaming how responsible you are, and are still not getting good jobs? We’ll tell you why. Remember your LinkedIn profile is your professional brand – it would be easier to add in stuff that actually proves how responsible you are. The phrase ‘Actions speak louder than words’ goes well here.

You should know when you say you are Innovative without any actual work to prove it; you come across as a person screaming ‘I once figured out the hot key combo to close a browser tab all by myself, without even Googling it’. And, that’s exactly where you go overboard.

So, What Should You Do Instead?

There’s always a second way to these things. Instead of using these words, your updates and social profile should bring out that you\’re responsible. If you’re saying you do creative stuff, your aim should be to showcase how creative you are. And, this has been recommended by LinkedIn career expert ‘Nicole Williams’. She says, instead of just talking about it, prove it.

You could alternate these overused buzzwords with a detailed description of even your work accomplishments. That would speak about your psychology as well. Getting endorsements and recommendations talk about how ‘responsible’ or ‘reliable’ you are. So you could say that you should be a little \’logical\’ and \’practical\’ when approaching how you should showcase yourself as being \’responsible\’.

As of now – everyone\’s coming across as Peter, the guy who walks into a bar and says, \”Hey! I\’m really responsible and trustworthy!\” and then spills his beer and leaves without paying the bill. Screaming that you\’re great from the rooftops has never got anyone anywhere, so take advantage of showcasing your work on LinkedIn to actually make it apparent that you\’re good at what you do.

Kill Buzzwords. Literally. Are you an innovative driven expert? Good for you. Instead of plugging in the fact that you\’re innovative and an expert, write a couple of lines about how you brought innovation into a brand, and how you executed a plan that exhibits the fact that you\’re an expert in the field. Come to think about it, it\’s becoming a little like the SEO industry.

You can\’t just plug in \”creative\” 500 times on your profile, you have to exhibit in 500 lines how you\’re creative if you want to be taken seriously.

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