Time To Twine Media Content With TwineSocial!
Time To Twine Media Content With TwineSocial!

Time To Twine Media Content With TwineSocial!

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Maintaining content on all social platforms has been a never ending task for media marketers. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – the content just has to be relevant and \’super\’ unique at all times! Considering the hushed up scenario of you running from pillar to post to have your content promoted on all platforms, you wish for a platform where you could simply collect all your brand’s content and promote it with one swish.

Looks like Aaron Fessler heard your unsaid plea! Welcome your very own social hub – TwineSocial.

A platform that started as an in-house curation tool for his car-driving experience company, works by pulling in content from social media – using @usernames, hashtags, location and more information, if you want want to broaden your content horizon.


There are times when you see your customers appreciate your brand and share your products in their circle. Every time you please your customer, you create a new success story that is unique. And that success story deserves being in the limelight. But how do you go about showing \’that\’ conversation that just upped your brand image, to the world over? You simply pull it on to one display board – one platform – your brand’s site.

As difficult as the idea may sound, the launch of TwineSocial is great news for the media marketers. This platform is certainly alluring to all those brands that wish to show their potential customers the conversations taking place around them. Yes, it’s time to strut your stuff!

TwineSocial not just collects all your social media content and arranges it in a magnificent and dynamic view, it also provides you with all the tools you need to grow and engage your social audience (isn\’t that the whole idea of social media marketing?).

For those of you who are worried about the set up of TwineSocial, relax! Setting up this platform is a cakewalk. Offering super user-friendly interface (regardless of how computer-literate you are), it offers highly customizable templates with CSS or Adobe Typekit (for the more experienced).

And once you are done deciding the look of your social hub, all you need to do is paste two lines of code onto your website. This curates content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Vine, and displays it on your brand’s site or blog in real-time.

If I was in your place right now, the only worry left would have been – \”Does that make me share ALL my content?\” Well, let me take this off your head and let your breathe easy. The platform gives you complete control over what shows up on your site, with customizable filtering options. The content of course, depends entirely on you and your fans!

If you want to catch this platform in action, visit Aaron Fessler’s company website, World Class Driving.


Not satisfied yet? I’ll give you another reason to check this platform out – No Hashtag Hijack! Since that got your attention back, this platform lets you do some serious scrutinizing of content before it goes live on your site to avoid panicked damage control later when you see an increased bounce off rate.

The takeaway of this article? Give TwineSocial a chance to un\’twine\’ your media marketing and twine all your content.

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A passionate social media marketer, Vanhishikha specializes in content creation and development and utilizes her skills to create compelling copy for social media and digital campaigns. She is currently a Web Journalist with Beta21 - where she provides input and insights on the latest in social media news.
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