What Made 2013 Pinterest-ing – Let\’s Take a Look!

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That Pinterest is sparking curiosity and interest is something I have already talked about in my blog earlier. A recent study by Pew Research Centre on Social Media has just given a further proof of that fact. The study reveals that 21% of US adults used Pinterest in 2013 as compared 15% the year before. It has replaced Twitter to perch on the third spot as the most preferred social media platforms in the US. It also beat Twitter on users who solely use a single social media platform.


Though the study supported the obvious assumption that women still dominate the user base compared to men. With women being the most powerful brand ambassadors in the world, that ain’t a bad thing, really. However, if you nourish any doubts about Pinterest’s appeal remaining confined to women, you better think again.

Pinterest published a recent blog reviewing top pins in various categories from the year gone by. It throws up a few surprises if you were expecting only food recipes, cat photos and weddings on the list. While they do feature, the categories that stood out in 2013 were Technology, Cars and Motorcycles and History. Be it the latest in 3D printers or motions sensors, the dazzling new Chevy Corvette or archived photos of valiant and fearless men and women from history, they all made an appearance. Given that the list included most re-pinned items in each category, with Pinterest’s heavily women tilted audience, these appearances surely speak of future possibilities.

Among other notable members on the list were Travel, Women and Men’s Fashion and Education. While travel and fashion fit naturally to the visual-centric nature of the site, it was interesting to see how even categories like Education capitalized on the virtues of this visual discovery network. Based on these observations from 2013, there are some cues brands can take to make it to this year’s top pin list. Let us have a look what they are:

Normal is boring – Do the unusual

Yes, that phrase is old now, but it still hasn’t lost its charm. That’s what the ‘mismatched bridesmaid’ and ‘grandmothers as flower girls’ tell us. So, add a new trick to the old game, introduce something unusual to the regular rituals of your business. And, when you are doing it, make sure you’re pinning it.

Share some useful tips

People are always looking for solutions to the endless problems of their everyday life. Every business offer some kind of solution for their customers too. So, while you are selling you product or service, give them some useful tips relevant to that particular area. Brain breaks, parent involvement and treadmill plans are doing it on their way to success!

Have implemented an innovative idea, pin it!

You are in the business of creating innovative things or perhaps supplies that create them? Well, letting out your trade secret is never a good idea but, surely, there are ways you can use some of it for publicity. For example, if you are constantly experimenting with new recipes in your restaurant, you could probably agree to share one or two with your present and prospective customers. Going by Taco cupcakes, pallet walls and creative writing prompts, it seems, this idea has a viral effect.

Have glamour, show off!

The fashion, travel and décor business is full of glitz and glamour. This explains the popularity of Pinterest among women. The platforms creates a world of beautiful, glamorous and aspirational images, almost like a fantasy land. So, if you have anything to do with fashion, travel or décor, you cannot afford not to be on Pinterest. Show off all you have, for the site celebrates beauty. Some of the most pinned selection in 2013 come from these categories.

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