What You Missed At Digital Matters Singapore 2014

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Dubbed as the only Business2Business2Fan event in Asia, All That Matters covered a range of Music, Digital, Social and Sponsorship Matters conferences in Singapore from the 20th to 25th May 2014. Beta21 had the opportunity of covering Social and Digital Matters, where esteemed speakers from various industries participated in discussions and gave talks to share their views on trends and issues in social media and digital marketing.


If you missed out on two days of Digital Matters, fret not –  we’ve got you covered. We picked out a handful of topics that stood out from the convention:

YouTube: A Dominating Platform

Video content is becoming an increasingly popular form of engagement for consumers. Jasper Donat, Founder & CEO of Branded, was in conversation with Tom Pickett, Vice-President of Content for YouTube to discuss how YouTube provides a two-way conversation between content creators and content viewers. This creates greater engagement between both parties, where real-time communication can also occur, providing creators with insight to what their viewers want to see.

Increase Your Fans, Not Your Audience

Alex Carloss, Global Head of Entertainment for YouTube, shared that brands should be more focused on creating fans from your audiences. Fans are the ones that will be loyal to your brand or business and they are the ones you should be building stronger relationships with. Having a large audience would not be as effective as having a strong base of loyal fans.

Content Quality, Not Quantity

This is a topic that has been continuously discussed time and time again, and the speakers at Digital Matters could not stress it more. At a time where content is cluttering the digital sphere, only the ones that are appealing and interesting will stand out. Marketers should then also be spending a fair amount of money to push out quality content to bring greater success.

Develop An Agile Working Culture

During a panel discussion, several speakers brought up an issue currently faced in agencies where internal structure is hindering their quality and output. Susana Tsui, APAC CEO of PHD, shared that at a time where digital media is progressing at such a fast pace, agencies cannot afford to continue a rigid structure where there is no room for flexibility.

Steps to Success For Technology Corporations

Nicholas Wodtke, Vice-President of Media Solutions, Samsung, shared his expertise on 5 simple steps that a technological oganization should follow in order to achieve long-term success (seen in the infographic below). He also shared that organisations should be more focused on gaining the mindshare of their consumers – What do you consumers want? What are their opinions on your products? What content would they like to see from your brand? Attaining the mindshare of your consumer is beneficial in understanding what engages them, instead of pushing out content or products that your consumers aren\’t interested in.

To sum it all up, we’ve got 5 of the best tips from Digital Matters in the infographic below:


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