Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Brand Be On?

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The all encompassing social media has got everyone running at a marathon\’s pace to create a presence on the world wide web. With the online marketing cosmos having players such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn to name a few, the dilemma of making the right choice for marketing your product/blog/service is no less complicated than a three year old solving a Rubik\’s Cube. Why Should You Be Present On Social Media? Create a presence on social media to monitor what’s being said about you Incredible tool for deepening connection with customers Yield larger interest among customers through detailed marketing ... Read More »

Samsung\’s Boring Facebook Content Strategy Is A Big Hit!

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Always on the lookout for the best content strategies being executed by brands the world over, we happened to stumble upon Samsung Mobile USA\’s Facebook page. As much as most of us really like their products and after services, we found their page to be nothing short of boring in an interesting way! Interesting, because their page gives a new meaning to personal touch. And the result is what every marketer looks forward to for their brand – engagement. Lots and lots of engagement. Boring, because it\’s far too human. Here\’s a comprehensive look at their content strategy to get our point ... Read More »

10 Facebook Tips For Community Managers

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Marketers worldwide have been crying foul about the sudden drop in organic reach on Facebook. As if marketers didn\’t already enough problems, organic reach has become yet another issue to worry about. Before we share with your 10 tips that we\’ve got for managing a Facebook page, here are 5 issues that marketers should be paying attention to on Facebook. Facebook Reach One of the most important things that we should be doing is to succumb to Facebook advertising because at the end of they day, a substantial reach is what we need and 2% organic reach just isn\’t going ... Read More »

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Feedback Form


Everyone has a feedback form on their website, but not a lot of them put enough thought behind one. Most of the feedback forms that I see on websites and Facebook pages tend to have very similar characteristics. Enter your name, e-mail address, message and also solve this CAPTCHA created by Satan himself. So how do you create the perfect feedback form? Or at least a really good one. It\’s an important factor of your website to pay attention to, given that this is where you\’ll be generating sales leads, answering questions, getting feedback, growing your network, getting requests, it\’s ... Read More »

Which Is The Best Social Media Platform For Customer Service?

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Social media is not just a fad amongst teenagers anymore, businesses are using it for marketing purposes and a lot more the world over. It is increasingly being recognized as a platform where customers can raise their concerns (good or bad) related to that business\’s products/ services. \”A lot of people think that Twitter is a fad and you can\’t really use it effectively to talk to customers,\” said Bianca Buckridee, Vice President of Social Media Operations for JP Morgan Chase clearly indicating that there are many businesses out there who haven\’t explored the full potential of even the most popular ... Read More »

A User\’s Guide to Keeping Track of Facebook Page Updates


The entire realm of social media marketing has been buzzing about the significant drop in organic Facebook post views. The social media giant rolled out a new algorithm late last year, which has resulted in a significant decrease in post views for many Facebook pages. We’ve touched on this issue before here and since then, the numbers have continued to dwindle. The competitiveness of what goes into a user’s newsfeed is partially to blame with the continual bombardment of content from every direction. Thus the number and type of posts seen on one’s newsfeed would have to be tapered down. ... Read More »

A One Day 400,000+ Increase in Facebook Page Likes Explained

Facebook Page for KFC USA

Being rated as one of the most coveted fast food brands in the world doesn\’t come easy. Apart from keeping the best quality standard around the food making it ‘talk of the town’ requires a robust marketing strategy. Like all other businesses fast food brands have endorsed ‘Social Media’ as the new marketing mantra, and are in the race for more Facebook page likes. The big question is how many of them are doing it right? We had shared with you in an earlier story about how McDonald’s  went wrong in its strategy and we assumed that this may just ... Read More »

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: Dreyer\’s Singapore


Success of a brand page on Facebook is all about proportion, engagement, genre and strategy. We have already dissected the content strategies of XBOX and Intel on Beta21. The two brands are from different genres and have different target audiences. However, both content strategies address a wider consumer net to build brand equity. Let\’s take a look today at an F&B company\’s content strategy, more specifically, Dreyer\’s Singapore – a page that we really love! It may not have half a million fans and be covered on Mashable every 25 days, but it\’s definitely good enough for Beta21 to talk ... Read More »

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: Expedia

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In this installment of our Facebook Page Reviews we will be turning our attention to the travel industry, which has recently been recognized for its exceptional performance on its social media platforms. Will they hold up to the hype? What are they currently doing on social media? Visuals One of the most important aspects of a brand’s Facebook page are the visuals. These are the first thing that visitors to the page will see, and visuals tend to take up the majority of space on the page itself. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151868675077680 Expedia puts its visual opportunities to use by featuring the Expedia ... Read More »

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: HBO

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Yeah, Game of Thrones (GOT) belongs to the channel and yada yada yada, but, come on, would you believe it if I said that HBO’s official Facebook page had more likes (10,638,803 likes), than that of GOT (8,662,059 likes)? I mean, HOW? For the brand, of course, this is a happy case of win-win. Even so, it is interesting to note that the heavyweight channel’s official FB page has a dynamic that is quite different from those of its star, social media-driven shows- GOT and Girls. The page tries to be a reel-y nice reflection of reality, simply put. Does ... Read More »

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