Can I Have McContent Please?  A Lesson for Bigger Brands
McDonald\'s UK - Facebook Page.

Can I Have McContent Please? A Lesson for Bigger Brands

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When it comes to content marketing, social media content and the like – no one seems to be short of ideas. What kind of content will work? What kind of content won\’t work? It\’s all a guessing game as far as some marketers are concerned. Sometimes, a post posing a question does well. Sometimes it doesn\’t. Sometimes a photo of a puppy… oh who am I kidding, a photo of a puppy always does well.

But that\’s not something that McDonalds can endorse – is it? Or bigger brands like McDonalds. With such massive brands, there comes a lot of pressure of having the right content on your page. It\’s not enough for brands to simply share photo after photo of their products – in this case, calorie heavy burgers and fries.

I ended up doing a little research on the types of posts we usually come across on Facebook every day. Guess what I came across? Of course images get the most amount of focus.


For a fan page with over a million fans, they\’re ‘yummy’ content deprived.  Let\’s be clear here, McDonalds has nothing to share with its fans except photos of burgers? All I want to say is, “Why McDonald’s why?! I like sharing. I am a click happy person. Please give me something I could ‘share’!” And to be fair – they have the resources and the personnel to ensure that they can come up with creative content for their page – but why don\’t they?

The McDonald’s UK page is a huge success and offers a steady stream of eye catching content that is always based on one theme – Their Food Products. Though their majority fans lie in the younger age bracket, there are those as finicky as me.


The one problem with our “tummy caterers” is the fact that they think posting images of food on their fan pages is the yummiest content they could ever come up with. Maybe they have forgotten that their fans know what their products look like. There is simply no need to tear apart the menu to create different posts. A brand known for the joy it spreads among kids and adults, can certainly do better than that.

Maybe it’s time for McDonald’s to come up with a new recipe for Social Media because clearly, the current one is just ‘bland’. (I like spicy, BTW.)

And like I said, I like sharing so that everyone can put on as many calories as I do. So, even though my ‘expert comments’ (with all sarcasm intended) aren\’t required, I am going to list down a few things that McDonalds could take a look at while re-considering their social media strategy and not ban me from buying burgers from their outlets:

Le Videos

  • Videos are by far, the most shared post type of brands on Facebook. They have the potential to create a never ending buzz (at least a long lasting one) and build high brand awareness.
  • 89 million people are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today and these users are expected to reach 1.5 billion in 2016.
  • The sad part, only 24% of National brands are using online videos to market to consumers.
  • The ‘to keep in mind’ part – 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident about that product purchase.

Here are some ideas for a yummy video (Hint: Storytelling):

  • Ronald McDonald’s adventure to Burger Land. (Kinda lame, but McDonalds can have some comedians work on the content.)
  • How does McDonalds manage to serve customers so quickly?
  • Customer reactions caught on camera (positive ones, mind you) – kids reaction at getting Happy Meals and the like – it\’s cute content, will be shared.
  • A sneak peek into the kitchen would be wonderful! How clean are these fries that we\’re consuming after drunken nights out?
  • An infographic of the most consumed content type in a particular country. Wouldn\’t we like to see that?

The Process Of It All.

  • 9 out of 10 people are interested in knowing the process behind a success story (read, food). Considering their food is a major success, they sure have a unique story to be brought out in the limelight.
  • Don’t just talk food, talk process and be cool! Use images showing how your staff prepares all that yummy food in that ‘off camera’ kitchen – mind you, the environment just has to be “clean.” (Dirty is a major put off!)

The McHealthy Campaign?

  • Even though you’ll find me hogging on burgers almost every other day, I like to consider myself as one of those who are particular about what they eat. Oh, I am calorie conscious! And FYI there are many like me.
  • Considering people are always talking about how unhealthy McDonald’s food is, posts talking about calories, nutrients are a sure shot hit. Common! Show them it isn’t THAT bad.

The Image-r The Better.

In case you missed the news, Infographics are here to stay! Get your right brain to work. Yes, that creative side of yours needs to surface.

Create interesting infographics on things like:

  • Calorie counts of each of their burgers, their meals – optimize your calorie count and change combinations of what you eat so you don\’t go absolutely overboard in a single sitting.
  • Which product is famous on which day? (McChicken is the best seller on Fridays; Double Cheese burgers are the best sellers on Saturdays, etc – brag about your sales in a humble way!)

The Shout-Out Wonder.

Instead of ‘always’ posting your own content, use your fan’s content to give you that viral push in the communities that fan is a part of. People love seeing their content shared by brands! It’s a different kind of high to be mentioned by a top notch brand.

Grab attention of all those fans that show off their McGrills in pictures and offer them a chance to feature on your cover picture. You’ll be surprised by the number of entries coming in.

I don\’t want to risk my burgers anymore; but did I just hear McContent?!


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About Vanhishikha Bhargava

A passionate social media marketer, Vanhishikha specializes in content creation and development and utilizes her skills to create compelling copy for social media and digital campaigns. She is currently a Web Journalist with Beta21 - where she provides input and insights on the latest in social media news.
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  • Green Tostay

    “You have to understand the NEW social media language was not something conjured up in a college dorm,like Hollywood or some traditional advertising company exec wants you to believe,
    It evolved from a lower social classes right to exist.It is a re balance of the strategic communications needed to re-establish social justice.Big corporations no matter how hard they try the shoe will never fit them that is why they look so ridiculous and there message is so corny -this medium is NOT for them no matter how hard they try or how much they spend,
    It is if it you like for lack of better way to explain of a divine nature,
    The grave error people make is thinking that this nature can not use sophisticated modern hi tech means to establish this social re balance,they think it has has to be sackcloth and ashes poverty stricken tree hugging simplicity,
    But that is fine because they make this error in there own prideful selfish way and that is how we like it.

    • Avtar Ram Singh

      I didn’t quite understand what you were talking about in the second half of your post, but in the first half if you’re talking about how big brands aren’t meant to be in this space and the “shoe” won’t fit, you should see what various other big brands like Oreo, Intel and Amazon do with social media. So much better.

      • Green Tostay

        “Thanks for your reply,
        My point is there will soon be literally masses of social media sites that will soon be available and helping people to realize the realities we face.As a world wide web community.Why waste your loyalty and time on A biscuit company.The power of social media can be so much more,a tool for empowering impoverished communities in getting a share of their own resources whether that be mineral,or IT industry,or Eco Communal Tourism ventures such as I and my partners are en devouring to do.It should make people mature and respond to address these challenges.
        However you are free to ponder over the latest flavor of biscuit if you so choose to do so, I just hope that our educational institutions are qualifying their students to address these serious challenges we are all facing there will be ample time to ponder over biscuit flavors when we have dealt with matters first.
        Cheers Green2Stay.

        • Avtar Ram Singh

          The message this article delivers is one of what is good content and what makes people want to engage with it. If you’re looking at empowering impoverished communities in getting their share of resources or talking about eco communal tourism – it has to be done with the right kind of content to inspire people to engage with it. Bad content from do-gooders on social media will go ignored. Lessons to learn everywhere, for everyone. Don’t take these at face value – think deeper!

          • Green Tostay

            “Yea thanks Avtar,
            Actually It was referring to why big corporations can’t seem to make that usual corny cheesy marketing fit the social media format and basically it is because,
            The origins of social media foundation allow for a level playing field,These guy’s have not had to cater for a level playing field since the 50′s and much earlier,WHY? because they have had governments,and lemming media pander to there every whim.
            That is why they have dominated the debate not because their clever or wise because they have been pandered to by lackeys.
            It is high time for post colonial world war 2 fossils and there “YES” men to get out of the way and give someone else a say then social media can be the creative force (WORKING FOR GOOD) that it is destined to be be, by good content or any other web based format.
            that deep enough’ cheers.

          • Avtar Ram Singh

            Fact of the matter as to why they get away with such content and why they have so many fans is just because they’re a big brand with 1 million fans. Out of 1,000,000 people, it’s not hard to get 1,000 (1%) of them to like/share posts. :)

          • Green Tostay

            “And that’s my point ,precisely.

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