Social Media Learnings from Facebook Games of the Year 2013

Social Media Learnings from Facebook Games of the Year 2013

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Gaming now not only extends to, but now dominates the Facebook platform. Just like ‘Farmville’ was the important ‘work’ you were pretending to do at office, this year as usual the international makers have left no end to deliver super-hit games that have got us hooked on to. In fact, letting go of ‘Criminal Case’ right now to write this was actually pretty hard for me to do!

So, What Are These Games?

Let’s quickly go through some of the top Facebook games of 2013!

  • Criminal Case
  • Bake Shop Drop
  • Farm Hero’s Saga
  • Candy Crush Saga

The trick of all these games has been very simple – get the user involved! Either the games have been very interactive or attractive. Now, that’s the simple mantra. Getting your fans to “keep coming back for more” is a technique used by both social media marketers and these game-makers. It’s all about keeping your content fresh and user activity levels as high as possible.

Like in ‘Criminal Case’, a game that has amassed X million users in the last year – the game has been beautifully designed giving you the illusion of reality, where you get to magnify objects and interact with the game in really nifty ways. Similar to how a Facebook page with stunning visuals gets a ton of activity – Criminal Case does too.

This is of good use to all of you Social media managers still trying to crack the whole engagement levels nut. It goes without saying, that there’s no end to learning when it comes to Digital Marketing. This gives us an insight on what kind of content do actually people want to engage with – the most important asset of your role!


Now put on your thinking hat and have some fun! Yes, getting people to interact on Facebook has always been the objective. As people draw themselves to vibrant and attractive pictures and colours, you could use that for your brand as well. Not because we think it might work, but because it actually does. And, also make it as real as you could get. There’s no end to creativity on these lines.

Use The Trick!

Bake Shop Drop, #2 on Facebook’s list – prays on two very important aspects of consumers. The first is their need for organization and the second is their love for cupcakes. Had this game been created by an actual Bakery – it would have been tagged a massive stroke of marketing genius, for pretty much anyone playing this game would most definitely head to the same bakery for their cupcake needs. Throw in in-game coupons to redeem at the bakery and you’ve got yourself an integrated marketing approach that would have made you tons of dough.

And then, there’s Candy Crush Saga, which was sure a topic of discussion in colleges to workspaces. Now, this game works very smartly on the give and take policy, getting your friends to help you across each level, just how your business should be. Are you offering a balanced and reciprocal relationship for your website visitors? Are you helping them in any way? Educating your leads? Or, just giving them anything useful so they could reciprocate?

These questions are definitely worth the thought. Be helpful. Be a thought leader. Offer an educational, interactive and fun experience. That way you have more chances of winning the game.

These games at no doubt utilize the best practices for inbound marketers. So, why not incorporate these successful game tactics into your own marketing plan as well?

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