10 Google+ Tips For Community Managers

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While Google+ has an upcoming 3rd birthday around the corner, there has been some speculation of Google shifting their focus away from the social media platform. Despite naysayers predicting an eventual doom for the social media platform, there are over 300 million active users worldwide who frequent the platform. Before we plunge into our 10 Google+ tips for community managers, here are 4 of the most basic yet important factors of Google+ that you should take note of:

Achieving Reach on Google+

The more active your brand is, the higher your articles will rank in Google SERPs. Google authorship used to show your profile picture next to your articles on Google search, but this feature unfortunately has reached the end of its line. Many users have been crying foul about this the removal of this lately. Nonetheless, if you are actively managing your personal or brand\’s Google+ profile, you will be effectively taking advantage of Google\’s ranking.

Engaging in Communities

Google+ is well known for their active communities, especially those around professional industries. We at Beta21 frequently visit a bunch of social media communities to keep ourselves up to date with new campaigns and trends and these communities are always buzzing with engagement. Having your brand engage in relevant Google+ communities will help in growing your following, which will in turn give you the reach you are aspiring for. If you are in a niche industry, create your own community and share original or curated content. Eventually you will be able to attract an audience and build an online community around your business, while being a thought leader or influencer in your industry.

Creating Customized Circles

While we\’re on the topic of influencers, Google+ is filled with active (sometimes overly-active) influencers in almost every industry who are always 10 steps ahead of you. Adding them to a specific circle of yours will also provide yourself with an effective means of keeping up to date with the latest changes and news in your industry.

Circles also provide you the choice of segmenting your community, which will come in handy when you\’re posting content. You can appeal to various audience groups by making the right content visible to the right target audience. This way you\’ll be able to garner greater reach, while still staying relevant to your audience.

Formatting Content

The cool thing about Google+ is the ability to format your content before posting it out. No other social media platform allows you to bold or italics your text before posting them. Check out this cheat sheat that tells you how to format your content, which is especially useful for long form text that is commonly seen on Google+. While the options are few and basic, a little formatting goes a long way.

Check out our slideshare that has more specific and detailed Google+ tips for community managers:

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