Google+Ads –The New Game Changer?

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Marketers today realise the importance of their visibility on Social Media platforms. No wonder more and more brands are proposing the same , as a part of its core marketing strategy.

Brands today connect to their audience on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Apart from the seamless conversations, these networking sites also help in generating ROI through various advertisements, making it a profitable call for businesses today.

A lesser experienced social networking site by businesses today is Google +.

The Good News: Google+ today is all set to revolutionize this space with a head-on by introduction of Google+ Ads recently announced by the company.

The Bad News: Your brand does not have a presence on Google+, yet.

For starters let’s have a sneak peek into why should your business have visibility on Google+?

  • Google+ today has more than 500 million members (second only to Facebook). For companies looking at boosting their businesses, this comes as a great opportunity.
  • Google +, being a proprietary of Google Inc. sure has it\’s benefits. Google + pages are automatically indexed by Google, hence working as a parallel SEO strategy with more visibility for your company, without shelling the extra bucks. Also, the seamless nature of Google helps the businesses to rank higher in local searches as well.
  • As a business, it is critical to interact with customers. Google Hangouts, a feature of Google+ aids in quality interaction with customers in a real time interface with live chat.
  • Apart from the many other benefits, the most important reason for the business to have it\’s presence on Google+ is the presence of your followers, however small or large.

With the advent of Google+ Ads any post on Google+ can be transformed into an Ad conveniently. Google + would offer it’s “+Post” ads outside its network which implies that though the Ads would be similar to a Google post it would be seen only on Google’s Ad network on web, on various sites or as a recommendation if the post is public, thus showing the Ads only when they are relevant to its users, far from popping up between two posts! And all likelihood adding an “actual” follower or fan to the business/brand.


The “+Post” ads show uniqueness in the fact that a user could leave comments,  join a hangout, follow your business or simply give +1 from the ad itself  thus making it an authentic conversation with the brand. This strategy also opens content to more realistic and bigger audience.

Companies thinking of the budgets here may breathe an air of respite here. The business need to pay only in case of an engagement; also post the campaign is completed the Ads are still viewable on search engines as well as Google+.

Key Parameters for Google “+ posts”:

Though this is not exhaustive by any means, the listed parameters should definitely help you choose the right kind of Google+ posts that should be promoted as ads. Before we dig deep it is extremely critical to understand that ‘Content’ is the key to any ad. Apart from being meaningful they should be able to evoke curiosity & emotions. Ads should be demonstrative as well as interactive hence:

  • Promote posts with information: Every buyer wants information about the product, promoting such posts will be useful, since it should help buyers make an informed decision.
  • Promote posts / Run ads with posts that talk about offers: Buyers today are always on look out for special offers, this strategy shall help you connect with this target audience. Such ads should be linked back to the landing page that offers sales.
  • Promote posts that list the brand USP: In a time when markets  are filled with options, posts that highlight the USP of the product should help buyers come back to your page. This could include stats or unique features of the product
  • Promote posts that aim at engagement:

We are in a world where sharing  by a ‘click’, is the new age ‘word of mouth’. Posts which are engaging will help your brand gain momentum.

The Final Verdict:  It\’s time for a quick makeover in your Social Media Strategy if your business doesn\’t  have a presence on Google+ yet .All we can suggest is hop on the bandwagon and make the most of it!

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