Analyzing Content Marketing Strategies and Challenges

Analyzing Content Marketing

We have been discussing content forever now! While it has been hailed as the king, the queen and what not, it is surprising that not much is said about its creators – the content marketers and the challenges faced by them. While we cannot deny the importance of content marketing (and that it is here to stay), the job of a content marketer has become highly challenging and demanding. With a very fine line between the job profiles, a lot of us (read: social media managers) deal with this role-reversal each day. Apart from being responsible for maintaining a highly ... Read More »

Dissecting Google Plus with Andrew Harasewych


After Avtar’s encounter with Andrew to get his thoughts on Why Most Internet Marketer’s Are Wrong, I thought I’d track down the Google Plus Guru to get some great tips on G+ strategies. It was quite difficult nabbing him this time on the countryside of WWW. Nevertheless, here’s proof there nobody can hide from Beta21. For those of you who are new to the digital arena, Andrew Harasewych is one of the top social media marketers who specializes in almost every area of online marketing. He’s a genuine know-it-all, who loves to share his knowledge and experience with the world. ... Read More »

Google+ Content Strategy: Android

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Surprisingly, Google+ pages is an underestimated and often under-utilized tool in the realm of social media marketing. However, the good people over at Android’s online marketing department would doubtlessly swear by it. According to SocialBakers, Android is currently topping the list for the most likes on a Google+ page this month–an impressive 7 million! Visuals Let’s ease on in with some visuals, shall we? We can’t stress how important visual presence is as an online marketing strategy. It is generally the first thing the public will notice, and often the most retained information. Android has a good grasp on this factor; ... Read More »

QUIT\’s Creative Vine Campaign For World No Tobacco Day

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Quit is a non-profit organization that aims to deter children from smoking so when faced with the challenge of creating a campaign for World No Tobacco Day they turned to M&C Saatchi Sydney. M&C Saatchi wanted to communicate the dangers to Quit’s young demographic in such a way that it would be ‘cool’ to share. Often, the challenge that most health marketers face when advertising the harm of cigarettes is that this young demographic actually like a danger factor in adverts and this can work well in other campaigns. Simplicity in Vine Videos A pro bono online video campaign using the ... Read More »

Kapost: An End to End Solution to Your Content Marketing Woes

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Company: Kapost Website: About: Kapost is a content marketing tool that helps brands grow revenue with their content. Kapost simplifies, the creation, distribution and analysis of content on a single platform giving content marketers an edge with their marketing efforts. Usage: Kapost allows marketing teams of all sizes to easily collaborate, manage and organize their content, marketing assets and campaigns in an efficient environment. Highlight: Kapost helps brands and businesses understand and learn what type of content best fits their needs through content score. The Content Scoring technology allows marketers to move prospects easily through the marketing funnel leading ... Read More »

The Problem With Twitter: Marketers Don\’t Get It


Lately, there\’s been a lot of discussion around the fact that there\’s a problem with Twitter. Marketers believe that it\’s undergoing algorithm changes similar to what Facebook has implemented and that soon marketers won\’t enjoy Twitter the way they used to. Another common problem that they feel with Twitter is that it\’s crowded, and it\’s hard to be seen. Strategists aren\’t convinced that Twitter\’s ad platform is robust enough to allow them to get the right ROI or value from it, and on the whole – even though Twitter is a massive platform, it continues to fall behind the \”lure\” ... Read More »

Here\’s Why Most Internet Marketers Are Wrong


Andrew Harasewych is one of the most popular faces in the marketing world on Google+ and beyond, primarily because of his live hangout every Saturday at 9 PM EST where he strips for viewers, free of charge. Just kidding. Andrew\’s one of the smartest people in social marketing that I\’ve come across. What\’s he good at? Engagement? Facebook ads? G+ marketing? SEO? What\’s his speciality, you ask? The best part is – that as far as I\’m aware, he doesn\’t have a speciality. His speciality is basically being a no-nonsense marketer who knows a huge amount of every aspect of ... Read More »

Insights from the Top Scorers of the Social Marketer\’s Quiz


For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last two weeks, Circus Social\’s Social Marketer\’s Quiz has got the entire online marketing community buzzing. Spread over 10 rounds, the quiz asks marketers questions about how well they engage, how good their content marketing and SEO skills are, how ethical they are – and tons of other stuff. You have GOT to check it out. Over 1,300 marketers have taken the quiz so far! We caught up with two of the top 20 scorers in the quiz, Johanna Both and Allan Vazquez, to pick their brain ... Read More »

An Expert\’s Views on Effective Social Media Engagement


The debate about Facebook\’s organic reach drop is still in full swing. Many still believe that there is hope for some free marketing on Facebook, and continue to pump time and effort into creating effective content for their pages. A lot of marketers have either given up, or simply accepted that Facebook is \”pay to play\” – and have started allocating a larger budget for Facebook advertising. In my quest to find reason in this world of an ever changing social media landscape (yes, I\’m dramatic) – I stumbled upon the door of EdgeRank Checker\’s Chad Wittman, someone who\’s been ... Read More »

An Expert Explains the Importance of Analytics in Social Media Marketing


Most people believe that only four people in the entire history of humanity have had any sort of liking towards numbers, and one of them was Pythagoras. As marketers, we don\’t like numbers unless they say things like \”400 shares\” or \”800 comments\”. Those are numbers we can deal with. But each time a client asks us to give them a report on the CTR over the last month, the bounce rate on a particular landing page, we all start panicking. Spreadsheets in general, are something that Satan himself put on earth. All that said and done, there is nothing ... Read More »

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