Insights from the Top Scorers of the Social Marketer\’s Quiz

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For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last two weeks, Circus Social\’s Social Marketer\’s Quiz has got the entire online marketing community buzzing. Spread over 10 rounds, the quiz asks marketers questions about how well they engage, how good their content marketing and SEO skills are, how ethical they are – and tons of other stuff. You have GOT to check it out. Over 1,300 marketers have taken the quiz so far!


We caught up with two of the top 20 scorers in the quiz, Johanna Both and Allan Vazquez, to pick their brain about the quiz and ask them what they thought about the experience.

The Quiz! How was it overall? Did you get bored at any point?

Allan: It definitely was challenging, a lot of apparently pretty basic stuff but OH SURPRISE! There were a lot of questions with misleading answers, it was all about picking the best of the lot. I didn’t get bored, the whole concept of “little SM city” was a fine detail.

Johanna: The quiz was really challenging and in the same time fun to do, so no time to get bored.

2. Do you remember the toughest question that totally stumped you?

Allan: It was definitely in Analytics Compound, so much data and so little time to think that well, I can’t remember a single question though but there was one about creative campaigns (arts about products) – very tricky.

Johanna: I don\’t really remember the exact question but pretty sure it was somewhere in the ethical part, where I got pretty confused with the different possibilities, sometimes at a first glance not even one answer seemed to be the right solution, or more of them did.

3. Which round do you feel has the hardest questions of all?

Allan: Analytics.

Johanna: I\’m really bad with names and dates and stuff like that, so the last section, the Knowledge Nook, was kind of a nightmare for me, i think i actually passed only the 3rd time!

4. Which round do you feel has the easiest questions of all?

Johanna: For me \”crisis castle\” was somehow so natural. I do that all the time in my life (not especially in social marketing), solving problems while multitasking. And i love Analytics as well, so that part was kind of fun to do, although I didn\’t quite get maximum points like in the crisis part.

Allan: The early stages, about engagement, many basic facts & questions about plain theory.

5. Do you feel the quiz adds any value to marketers? What do you feel marketers are getting out of this quiz?

Johanna: I think marketers are always eager to learn and they also have to keep themselves updated. I personally like challenges, especially if it gives me some information about where I am right know with my knowledge and experience and also what should i brush up a little.

Allan: I do, I actually posted it in many Social Media groups I manage in Mexico and OH BOY, people couldn’t pass through many questions or stages. It definitely makes us think again and never take anything for granted.

6. Which voucher code / reward can you not wait to take advantage of!

Johanna: Absolutely the Circus Social voucher. I don\’t have too much experience with Facebook Apps, so experimenting with them would be cool and also can get a picture which one would fit my social activities. The other one is SocialBro, as I already heard a lot of good things about the tool and would like to try it.

Allan: Well, I saw many attractive stuff but can’t remember one right now, will have to check them all out at some point.

7. If you\’d like us add one more round to the quiz – which one would that be?

Allan: There should be one building for DIGITAL BRAND DEFINITION, you know, for briefing, for understanding and analyzing target audiences, content definition, topics, etc.

Johanna: Maybe something connected with advertising, PPC ads. I think it was a question in the Facebook part which was mentioning it, however i think it still needs a big amount of knowledge from the marketers side. 

So there you have it! With such endorsements for the quiz, we can\’t believe you don\’t want to take it for yourself and figure out how good you are. :) Take the quiz now!

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