A Community Manager\’s Guide To


The first few adjectives that came to my mind when I was doing my research on Ally Greer by scouring through all her social media platforms (a.k.a stalking her) were feisty, positive and funny. Let’s not forget of course her superb skills at being a community manager for That’s the reason we desperately wanted to squeeze out some secrets about community management from her. Ally currently holds the title of being the first and only community manager for and is based in sunny San Francisco. Over the past two years, she has been able to master the tricks ... Read More »

Oli Gardner on Brand Building and Writing Compelling Content

Oli Gardner of Unbounce

When landing page expert Oli Gardner opened up his inbox one morning and spotted an email from Dharmesh Shah, he knew it was going to be a good day. \”Waking up to that is way better than a cup of Folgers. When the message is an invitation to do an “Ask Me Anything” on, it\’s even sweeter,\” Oli tells me. A self-proclaimed potty mouth who has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet, Oli is well known in the conversion space for his dry humour and innovative concepts (search Conversion Centered Design). As the co-founder and Creative ... Read More »

The State of Community Management From An Expert\’s Perspective


From time to time, I like to pick the brain of a community manager or social media marketer and understand how they function and approach the various aspects of social media and content. Given how vast and diverse social media is, there are literally hundreds and thousands of opinions around community management and social floating around there, and it\’s important to identify the right people in order to get the right advice. My quest last week led me to Kristy Hughes, who encapsulates the very essence of what a community manager should aspire to be. A little bit about her, ... Read More »

The Opposite Day Interview With Steve Spicer!


January 25, in the lives of amazing people like you and me, has been reserved for \”Opposite Day\”. For those without common sense, here\’s an explanation of the day. You may or may have not seen Opposite Day being observed in the popular sitcom Seinfeld – so it\’s not something that the internet made up on a lazy Tuesday afternoon. For Opposite Day, I decided to get in touch with Steve Spicer, an all-round brilliant guy who has handled social media for some very high profile individuals such as Derren Brown and Peter Serafinowicz. He\’s a Social Media Marketing professional, who ... Read More »

Social Superstar: Jessica Quinn


Are you the best social media manager in the world? If you\’re not on the top in this quiz, chances are that you\’re not. Circus Social, developer of social media tools for digital marketers, launched the Community Manager\’s Quiz in October 2013 with the intent of helping social media marketers realize how good they truly were at marketing. After answering 40 in-depth questions spread across functions such as Project Management, Ethics, Analytics and more – Jessica Quinn came out second from top, out of 650+ community managers that have taken the quiz so far. But what sets her apart from everyone ... Read More »

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