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10 Essential LinkedIn Tips For Community Managers

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LinkedIn is often seen as a professional platform to solely increase connections to build your own personal network. Contrary to that, it\’s as much of a community-building platform as Google+ or Facebook, and that\’s why we\’ve got 10 LinkedIn tips laid out for you. For professionals that have invested more into this platform, you would find them actively engaging in activity on the news feeds as well as in Interest groups. When it boils down to community management on LinkedIn, these are a few key areas to be taken note of: Increase Your Connections For The Right Reasons LinkedIn is ... Read More »

5 Effective Tools For Community Managers


What Does A Community Manager Do? In an agency, as we all know, there is a client servicing team (always coordinating, and almost always on phone calls), a creative team (busy thinkers of ideas), designers (carefree and yet sometimes overworked), and then there is the social media team. Usually, the most over-worked and with almost-constant stress on their face as the community managers. It’s not easy to do community management. This job requires a combination of skills such as: Identifying amazing content that would work the best for your social communities Making sure that you meet all the brand guidelines ... Read More »

GE: The Most Exciting Boring Brand on Social Media

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The brand you get to do social media for, is not always your choice. Some of you are lucky to get interesting fashion or lifestyle brands, whereas there are others who have to strategise for \’boring\’ brands like financial or consultancy brands. One of the many woes of a community manager is to come up with interesting content for a not-so-exciting brand. And, this can be a task. However, General Electronics (GE) teaches us how to make a \’boring\’ brand an interesting social media maverick. GE is into highly regulated businesses like healthcare, energy and financial services. GE\’s success across social media platforms ... Read More »

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