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Creating a Content Marketing Plan With Swayy


With the end of 2013, social media marketing being the chameleon it is has changed color again. And guess what is the latest shade it dons? Content Marketing. A regular marketing tool that was used by almost all brands, has not just come in the spotlight but also become the prime element in determining the success of a brand. Well, at least for 2014, we know Content Marketing is a definitive for success. But what is Content Marketing? Now I know most of you feel it is silly to be asking this, but trust me there are a lot out ... Read More »

Twitter Celebrates MLK Day! Who Got It Right?


Creating kick ass content has always been top priority for all the social media marketers. That, and selling the stuff they market of course. They miss no opportunity to come up with something fancy for their fans (of course with the intention of brand promotion). Even though their dedication to be able to contribute something to everything possible is ‘remarkable’, some of them kind of missed the mark and landed up being awarded the ‘worst post of the day award’. Holidays and historic anniversaries are like social media land mines for brands – there is proven track record of the ... Read More »

Get The Vine Shine! The Steps to Success on Vine

It Is Time To Make Vines.

Six seconds. That’s all you need to promote your brand on Vine. A video sharing app from Twitter is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and some brands are really shining on this platform. All you need to do is make a short looping video, share it on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and bask in its success. The video social network may not seem business friendly for social marketing, but there are opportunities for engagement and retention waiting to be explored. We are accustomed to the long storytelling videos on YouTube and Instagram, but Vine is going ... Read More »

Making Your Content Legen-Wait For It-Dary!

Spruce Up Your Content!

“2014 is here and I am going to make a difference!” How many people you know actually DID something? Brands are all over the place showcasing their new products and services in the fanciest way possible! And screaming out how they are going to be bigger (and better) this year. Amidst the entire craze, partying right from Christmas into the New Year, how many brands have seen sticking to those resolutions? How much of the content you put up throughout 2013 was planned strategically? (Think!) The beginning of a new 12 month cycle is the perfect time to turn over ... Read More »

The Magic Dust Of Storytelling

The Year Of Storytelling!

When a brand sticks to only promotional ads, they get scrutinized for not being entertaining enough. With fidgety users as me, these promotional ads suffer from the ‘skip ad’ syndrome. All of us have skipped one ad or the other, haven’t we? (Admit it, I did too!) It’s what catches the eye that we wait long enough to buffer and the marketers seem to have gotten the point. An advertisement is considered great if it nudges the viewer to buy. But when the viewers are hooked on to story boards, it’s time to do a retake on the marketing strategy. ... Read More »

What\’s the Perfect Post Length Across Social Media Networks?


Social media is all about having a conversation. As social media executives or community managers we try various combinations to get the perfect post for maximum engagement. The brands we manage have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (among others like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more). Each of these platforms cater to a slightly different audience, and so the composition of these posts also varies accordingly. The length of the post is one of the primary factors that determines whether your Fan or Follower, who has been overloaded with updates from various Facebook Pages and Friends, will be willing to ... Read More »

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