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The Magic Dust Of Storytelling

The Year Of Storytelling!

When a brand sticks to only promotional ads, they get scrutinized for not being entertaining enough. With fidgety users as me, these promotional ads suffer from the ‘skip ad’ syndrome. All of us have skipped one ad or the other, haven’t we? (Admit it, I did too!) It’s what catches the eye that we wait long enough to buffer and the marketers seem to have gotten the point. An advertisement is considered great if it nudges the viewer to buy. But when the viewers are hooked on to story boards, it’s time to do a retake on the marketing strategy. ... Read More »

Adidas Has Mastered the Art of Live Tweeting

adidasuk tweet about f50 shoe product

Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in social media marketing. Some of the most creative campaigns are twitter campaigns. It is quite interesting to see how brands have adapted to twitter to generate brand awareness and online buzz about their products or services. One of the most interesting twitter strategy has been followed by @AdidasUK, which appears to have mastered the art of Live tweeting. @AdidasUK tweets about Live football events, as they unfold on the field. If a player scores a goal wearing an Adidas shoe or product, then it turns into an instant tweet with a ... Read More »

Social Media Learnings from Facebook Games of the Year 2013


Gaming now not only extends to, but now dominates the Facebook platform. Just like ‘Farmville’ was the important ‘work’ you were pretending to do at office, this year as usual the international makers have left no end to deliver super-hit games that have got us hooked on to. In fact, letting go of ‘Criminal Case’ right now to write this was actually pretty hard for me to do! So, What Are These Games? Let’s quickly go through some of the top Facebook games of 2013! Criminal Case Bake Shop Drop Farm Hero’s Saga Candy Crush Saga The trick of all ... Read More »

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