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Google+ Content Strategy: Android

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Surprisingly, Google+ pages is an underestimated and often under-utilized tool in the realm of social media marketing. However, the good people over at Android’s online marketing department would doubtlessly swear by it. According to SocialBakers, Android is currently topping the list for the most likes on a Google+ page this month–an impressive 7 million! Visuals Let’s ease on in with some visuals, shall we? We can’t stress how important visual presence is as an online marketing strategy. It is generally the first thing the public will notice, and often the most retained information. Android has a good grasp on this factor; ... Read More »

How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions: Statistics and Trends


I realize that preaching about the importance of social media to businesses is pretty redundant. By now, buy-in to social media marketing is near ubiquitous, but I still have found that many companies struggle when quantifying the value they can achieve through the strategic use of social media. I may not have a silver bullet response to help everyone understand the actual quantitative value of social media marketing, but what I do have is incredibly compelling stats to give you a better understanding on how just important social platforms can be to your business. 1. 91% Of People Have Gone ... Read More »

Social Media Resolutions for Google+ in 2014


Yet again a New Year and yet again the resolutions get us fixated! Three weeks into the New Year and we wonder how many of you all are still adhering to your resolutions. It is reasonable to let go of personal resolutions at times, nevertheless it may be tad tricky if they are professional, especially if these were woven around Social Media platforms for your brand/business. There is no debate that most brands today reach its audience via Facebook and Twitter with limited exposure to Google+. Hence it is proper to state that Google+ is the ugly duckling of Social ... Read More »

Food, the New Kink: Integrating Food into Your Brand


The Food Revolution Did you know that the word \’food\’ is searched over 4 million times on an average in a month? 4 million. Yes those are right and let us not get into the specific keywords, the number goes into many more millions and you realize that one of the things that netizens around the world are obsessed with is food. It is a driving force for life and it won\’t be incorrect to say that it\’s a driving force on the internet too. Appetite for numbers? Research suggests more than 80 million food photos where posted on social media ... Read More »

Integrating 2013\’s Top Trending Searches into Your Social Media Strategy

Leverage Google’s Top Trending Searches to Climb the Social Media Success Ladder

We all search for something on the Internet every day. According to Net Applications, nearly 87% of smartphones/tablets and 77% of desktops primarily search on Google. With thousands of topics trending each day, Google releases a global top ten trending searches list every year. The 2013 Year-End Zeitgeist from Google with the top ten globally trending searches includes: Nelson Mandela Paul Walker iPhone 5s Cory Monteith Harlem Shake Boston Marathon Royal baby Samsung Galaxy S4 PlayStation 4 North Korea Here’s a peek at Google’s Zeitgeist video on its YouTube channel: What the world talks about It is not surprising that ... Read More »

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