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Content Adaptation: Grow Your Online Presence Effectively

Building Digital Tablets Horizontal

I work with a wide variety of clients in a social media and content creation context. I have one idea that I like to use for all of them, and no, I don’t recycle my idea over and over – I recycle theirs! This concept is commonly called content repurposing or content adaptation. I prefer content adaptation. I use this strategy at its best with clients who are just starting out, and want to get going on a wide variety of social media platforms. If they come to me and want content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube…well, we ... Read More »

Find the Perfect Images for Social Media with Compfight


“I want to see a picture before I buy what you say” – I have and I am sure even you have said and heard these words before, being the buyer or a seller. Words have been ruling our expressions, but saying ‘IT’ with pictures is what we all do now. Yes! If we want to sell our blog post to our readers or a commercial ad, or a simple Facebook post, we take hours in finding and then link in a perfect picture usually from a search in the Google Images, ignoring the threat of trespassing by the owner. ... Read More »

Resolution 2014 : Say No To Content Curation


The harlem shake, devil baby and Miley Cyrus all have something in common that increases shares to millions and rise in ranks on the top trending list of topics. They have original ideas that capture the attention of audiences worldwide. There have been a lot of reports that emphasize on the importance of originality and quality of content used for marketing. Instead of redundantly sharing someone else\’s content, 2014 is a year for all marketers to make a resolution: “Use original content\”. Sure – it\’s a good idea to curate interesting content from around the internet and then package in ... Read More »

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