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Samsung\’s Boring Facebook Content Strategy Is A Big Hit!

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Always on the lookout for the best content strategies being executed by brands the world over, we happened to stumble upon Samsung Mobile USA\’s Facebook page. As much as most of us really like their products and after services, we found their page to be nothing short of boring in an interesting way! Interesting, because their page gives a new meaning to personal touch. And the result is what every marketer looks forward to for their brand – engagement. Lots and lots of engagement. Boring, because it\’s far too human. Here\’s a comprehensive look at their content strategy to get our point ... Read More »

5 Best Vines From Big Brands

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What makes Vine different from all the apps available out there? Does it have potential that other apps don’t? Does it change the face of video sharing in the digital space? Does it tell a better story than posts and tweets? I’m going to say the answer is Yes, Yes and a double Yes for the final question. With all the tried and tested formulas, it was time for the birth of a new frontier anyway and right on cue, as if on a silver platter Vine appeared before the ever hungry masses waiting for the next big thing. Brands ... Read More »

Vine Content Strategy and Review: Samsung


One of the newest additions to the social media family is Vine, a video sharing network owned by Twitter. Vine allows its users to create short, 7 second video loops which can be shared on the Vine site or other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Naturally, it didn’t take long for brands and companies to take notice of this new social media platform, and begin implementing it as a medium for advertising. 7 seconds may not seem like a sufficient amount of time to get any sort of message across–which is true to an extent–so brands need to ... Read More »

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