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7 Tips To Build Trust From Your Social Audience

7 Tips To Build Trust From Your Social Audience_Blog Banner

I had always been a staunch supporter of online revolution and usually scout the brand’s social media channels and blogs on the web before I make a final purchase. This aspect of marketing that includes authentic reviews comforted me a while back; I mean why wouldn\’t you buy a product if the same is highly recommended by a blogger or has great reviews all over the internet? A reality check while being associated with a brand, introduced me to a unique mafia that operated undercover, and included the likes of celebrities, bloggers and other pushed form of reviews, mostly internal ... Read More »

8 Stupidest Things That Social Media Managers Do


It was the tweet mocked around the world. If you\’re a social media manager and you don\’t know who Justine Sacco is, then listen up. Last December, Sacco, a former public relations executive from billion-dollar Internet conglomerate IAC, tweeted a tasteless joke. I say \’former\’ because it didn\’t take long for the global brand to fire Sacco after she used less than 140 characters on Twitter to offend an entire continent and a full 90% of the world that doesn\’t share her ethnicity with this infamous salvo: Sadly Sacco has joined the ranks of Jayson Blair and Janet Cooke as ... Read More »

The Only Guide You Will Need For Live Tweeting


The new age grapevine today is unarguably Twitter, making it an exciting platform for marketers. While many brands are burning their pockets with high budget marketing campaigns, for others innovation and fan build up increased simply through ‘meme-jacking’. Yet another compelling marketing tactic that is gaining popularity is ‘Live tweeting’. Not only is it a cost effective way, it also connects your followers and influencers in a never before manner. The best brands in the business today realise this and therefore have been using it successfully to promote an individual event (read Adidas) or product launch, or intelligently plugging in ... Read More »

6 DOs and DON\’Ts of Humour in Social Media Customer Care


The epic stance put up by Dave Carroll against United Airlines when the airline broke his guitar was all the rage back in 2009. The video that was uploaded on YouTube has garnered a whooping 13 million hits and according to Daily Mail UK this incident brought a 10% decline in its share prices back then. Who would have guessed that a humourous video on Dave\’s end to showcase his disappointment with the airline would leave such a dent in on their reputation?! Brands today provide its customers with numerous open channels on Social Media like Twitter and Facebook. The aspect of ‘social sharing’ today ... Read More »

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