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The Magic Dust Of Storytelling

The Year Of Storytelling!

When a brand sticks to only promotional ads, they get scrutinized for not being entertaining enough. With fidgety users as me, these promotional ads suffer from the ‘skip ad’ syndrome. All of us have skipped one ad or the other, haven’t we? (Admit it, I did too!) It’s what catches the eye that we wait long enough to buffer and the marketers seem to have gotten the point. An advertisement is considered great if it nudges the viewer to buy. But when the viewers are hooked on to story boards, it’s time to do a retake on the marketing strategy. ... Read More »

Flipagram: Bringing Brandastic Moments To Life!

Bringing Brandastic Moments To Life!

Are you someone who suffers from a News Feed filled with Bitstrips? You might just have to deal with another craze – Flipagram is set to rule Facebook! The latest to top charts in the App Store, it is easily available to iPhone and Android users for FREE. This isn\’t just another form of Instagram. Flipagram enables you to make short “video stories” – image slideshows with background music of your choice. The video lengths can vary from anything between 15 to 30 seconds and you can pull in photos from all possible platforms. Talk about reel life becoming more ... Read More »

GE: The Most Exciting Boring Brand on Social Media

General Electronic's account on Pinterest - Badass Machines

The brand you get to do social media for, is not always your choice. Some of you are lucky to get interesting fashion or lifestyle brands, whereas there are others who have to strategise for \’boring\’ brands like financial or consultancy brands. One of the many woes of a community manager is to come up with interesting content for a not-so-exciting brand. And, this can be a task. However, General Electronics (GE) teaches us how to make a \’boring\’ brand an interesting social media maverick. GE is into highly regulated businesses like healthcare, energy and financial services. GE\’s success across social media platforms ... Read More »

Adidas Has Mastered the Art of Live Tweeting

adidasuk tweet about f50 shoe product

Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in social media marketing. Some of the most creative campaigns are twitter campaigns. It is quite interesting to see how brands have adapted to twitter to generate brand awareness and online buzz about their products or services. One of the most interesting twitter strategy has been followed by @AdidasUK, which appears to have mastered the art of Live tweeting. @AdidasUK tweets about Live football events, as they unfold on the field. If a player scores a goal wearing an Adidas shoe or product, then it turns into an instant tweet with a ... Read More »

Lets Edit Tweets On Twitter!

Twitter to roll out their \'edit\' feature soon!

Rumor or not, but the tweeting bird seems to be spreading the news of a possible edit feature that Twitter is planning to roll out very soon; whether this ‘word’ has some base or not, no one knows. But media blogger, Matthew Keys says that according to his sources, the feature would look something like this: “Once a user publishes a tweet, an ‘edit’ feature will be present for a limited amount of time [Twitter is still currently working out the length of time the feature would be available]. The feature would allow a user to make ‘slight changes’ to ... Read More »

Social Media Predictions for 2014

Social media predictions for the next year - 2014

2013 was a year of acquisitions, IPOs, new platforms, video content and Google Plus. We witnessed big brands being taken over by bigger brands, like Tumblr got acquired by Yahoo! Twitter introduced Vine in Jan and released its first IPO as well towards the end of the year that did surprisingly well.  We saw the rise of YouTube, Vine and Instagram videos in social media marketing. 2013 was an exciting year for us and what’s more, 2014 is going to be a game-changer in social media marketing. It\’s better to have an idea of where we\’re headed to be able to ... Read More »

Social Media Learnings from Facebook Games of the Year 2013


Gaming now not only extends to, but now dominates the Facebook platform. Just like ‘Farmville’ was the important ‘work’ you were pretending to do at office, this year as usual the international makers have left no end to deliver super-hit games that have got us hooked on to. In fact, letting go of ‘Criminal Case’ right now to write this was actually pretty hard for me to do! So, What Are These Games? Let’s quickly go through some of the top Facebook games of 2013! Criminal Case Bake Shop Drop Farm Hero’s Saga Candy Crush Saga The trick of all ... Read More »

Integrating 2013\’s Top Trending Searches into Your Social Media Strategy

Leverage Google’s Top Trending Searches to Climb the Social Media Success Ladder

We all search for something on the Internet every day. According to Net Applications, nearly 87% of smartphones/tablets and 77% of desktops primarily search on Google. With thousands of topics trending each day, Google releases a global top ten trending searches list every year. The 2013 Year-End Zeitgeist from Google with the top ten globally trending searches includes: Nelson Mandela Paul Walker iPhone 5s Cory Monteith Harlem Shake Boston Marathon Royal baby Samsung Galaxy S4 PlayStation 4 North Korea Here’s a peek at Google’s Zeitgeist video on its YouTube channel: What the world talks about It is not surprising that ... Read More »

Jon Loomer Simplifies Facebook Ads


Jon Loomer – the Professional who was not let down by his lay off, even after years of experience; and saw it as an ‘opportunity’ to make a difference. The site that started as a bilateral resume, looking for ‘good’ job openings, has now revolutionized into a full-fledged consulting and digital tutorials destination. Today, Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a sui generis viewpoint on social media. His rendezvous with Facebook began in 2007 and carries on till date. The blog offers daily tips and touches upon breaking news to make sure you don’t miss a step while ... Read More »

Festive Cheer: The Social Way!

social media- gift wrapping it right this season

Once into Social Media, you are forever ‘on the job’ – even during the ‘holidays’! Work never slows down during the festive season; but the slog hours do. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s bring with them a short respite for all those who are ponderously into Social media as part of their job or as a hobby/ passion. When the festive season approaches, all brands worry about one thing – how are they going to manage their social images – whether they should post new content or give it a miss for few days – what content will attract people ... Read More »

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