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Twitter Celebrates MLK Day! Who Got It Right?


Creating kick ass content has always been top priority for all the social media marketers. That, and selling the stuff they market of course. They miss no opportunity to come up with something fancy for their fans (of course with the intention of brand promotion). Even though their dedication to be able to contribute something to everything possible is ‘remarkable’, some of them kind of missed the mark and landed up being awarded the ‘worst post of the day award’. Holidays and historic anniversaries are like social media land mines for brands – there is proven track record of the ... Read More »

The Cost Of Social Media : No Free Lunches

Two Watercolor Birds Talking

 How many times have you heard that social media is the cheapest form of advertising there is? How many times have you seen companies hire interns fresh from college for social media marketing? That\’s not going to last for long. Social media\’s getting dearer and not in a way we like. This was stimulated in part by Facebook\’s decision to change its news feed algorithm to deliver more news. This was done to boost popular content but discourage marketers from reaching audiences via organic posts. These changes are concerned with the frequency and reach of the communication that Facebook  provides and marketers ... Read More »

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: Intel


If you think established brands can’t go wrong with their marketing strategies, I suggest you take a look at McDonald\’s UK Facebook page. You’ll eat your words – really quick. When it comes to social media marketing, keeping up with trends is a task in itself and even the best of the best falter. Riding high on brand success isn’t a bad thing, but taking it for granted in terms of content marketing on social platforms, sure is! Strutting your stuff has always been the idea behind fan pages, but ‘only’ showing off what people already know you for is ... Read More »

A Marketer\’s Introduction to WeChat

An Introduction To WeChat

Tencent’s Weixin, internationally popular as WeChat, is the upcoming mobile messaging app. WeChat was launched in January 2011 and has its largest market in China and is steadily expanding in Asia – Malaysia, Thailand, India and Hong Kong. For those who haven’t had a rendezvous with WeChat yet some consumers would call it a combination of Whatsapp, LINE and Viber. In simple words – the app (like many others) can be used to send free instant message, voice, videos, stickers and more. Being originally a Chinese app, they have reached a customer base of 600 million users. And, if you ... Read More »

Yet Another Newsfeed Algorithm Change – Now Post Links


In the final quarter of 2013, Facebook announced that Facebook pages would see a significant drop in their organic reach – leading to a massive uproar from the social media marketing community. Business Insider published a story talking about how Facebook had screwed an entire profession. Since then, marketers and social media professionals have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to combat this. In fact, we ourselves put together an article that would help marketers deal with this change. And just when the dust had began to settle and community managers were coming to terms with this new change, ... Read More »

Are your Employees your Best Social Media Marketers?

employees your best brand advocates

In this digital age of chronic information ODs and super-aggressive marketing, customers are often left reeling. Where do they look, what do they buy, how do they choose? There’s just too much going on and everything is literally shoved in their faces, through various channels and outlets. In such a scenario, how can you make your product stand out? Well, I think it can be as easy as giving your brand a simple human touch. Thanks to social media, your employees are literally your best brand advocates. Come as they do with their multiple social connections, they can be your ... Read More »

The Best Time to Post on Social Media [Or Not]


It is a widely held view that content is the cornerstone of all your social media strategy. True, but it is equally important to know what is the best time to post on social media. When your audience is most likely to consume that content is as crucial. You may have a stellar fan base on your social media pages but unless you maximize your reach, your efforts will go in vain. So, what is the best time for posting your content on social media? Fortunately, we now have a number of researches available on the web that tell us what the most active hours are for social ... Read More »

The Facebook Q&A For All! Get Your Q&A Strategy Ready


Facebook has been coming up with a lot of changes in their Facebook algorithms and their general look. The latest to get introduced is the Facebook Q&A feature. This feature has been available to some pages and will be available to all by July 10. Individual accounts with over 10,000 followers are going to have the privilege of using this feature as well! Yes, it is for the popular. From the beginning of time (as far as I can possibly recall), the social network has been conducting Q&A sessions on the pages of celebrities, but the page administrators have never ... Read More »

Get The Vine Shine! The Steps to Success on Vine

It Is Time To Make Vines.

Six seconds. That’s all you need to promote your brand on Vine. A video sharing app from Twitter is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and some brands are really shining on this platform. All you need to do is make a short looping video, share it on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and bask in its success. The video social network may not seem business friendly for social marketing, but there are opportunities for engagement and retention waiting to be explored. We are accustomed to the long storytelling videos on YouTube and Instagram, but Vine is going ... Read More »

The Perry Recipe for Success: Katy Perry\’s Rise to the Top of the Social Media Charts


Okay, stab me if you must, but you’ve got to admit Katy Perry isn’t one of the most popular people in the world, because of her spell-binding vocal ability. Sure, she can hold a tune better than Britney Spears, but then, that is hardly saying anything (go on, stab me again). So, why/how does everyone know her, let alone, love her? Three words. Or networks. Facebook (6,18,56,655 likes). Twitter (49,210,515 followers). Instagram (31,80,328 followers). Put together, they’ve made this Internet-incubated artiste a Roaring (the song, till date, has been viewed 308,011,579 times on YouTube) hit. One who has surpassed the ... Read More »

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